Weather and Weddings

Luckily I’ve been busy indoors working on getting our Winter issue ready to print because our weather recently has been so crazy.  On Saturday, I was out running errands with my family and kept getting stuck inside stores because we couldn’t see the cars in the parking lot.  Between the hail, the wind, and the rain, the last thing I wanted to do was run my little pregnant self, my three year old in hand, and hands full of groceries through the storm.  My husband, Jacob, and I were talking in the car on the way back home and were surprised to see trees in the road, stop lights bent and broken, and massive puddles everywhere.  We were discussing how horrible it must be for any weddings that were going on that day…especially if their wedding and/or reception was supposed to be outdoors.  A lot of venues can open up their space to weddings with a larger guest count but have to use their outdoor space to accomodate them.  My advice to you is to make sure you always have a backup plan.  Make sure that the indoor space available will hold all your guests (maybe standing room only) just in case something like this happens.  You can’t expect them to just huddle under a tent and wait for the weather to pass.  This is your day and after planning for so many months (or years), you will want this day to continue no matter what.  You can just laugh about it later!

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