Ipods at weddings

A new trend has been happening where brides are using ipods in the place of a disc jockey or band.  A lot of reception locations now have the capability to host an ipod and play it on their overhead speakers.  This is something that I have noticed to not be the wisest choice a bride can make for their wedding day.  Think about it…the DJ/MC is the one that is in charge of controlling the timeline of events (first dance, cake cutting, garter/bouquet toss, father/daughter dance, money dance, etc).  They are the ones telling your guests what to expect and when to expect it.  And what’s more fun than having a live mariachi band such as Los Primos or guitarist from Carousel of Music  play during your cocktail/dinner hour?  Most ipods tend to have a terrible “unyielding selection” of music when it comes to getting your guests out of their chairs and on the dance floor, according to Jim Gross with Carousel of Music

When there is no DJ or band, there are typically no mics.  Then the photographer has to yell over the guests “Ok, now – time for the toast”.  Recently, at one wedding held at the Hyatt Tamaya in Bernalillo, a groom plugged in his ipod through the overhead speakers and had to pay the venue more than what it would have cost for a DJ’s hourly rate to hook it up…then the room full of guests cleared out fast.

On another note, if you simply do not have it in your budget to hire an entertainer and insist on using an ipod for your wedding…then you should check out this new product that a few local wedding businesses put together.  This is a CD packed with all the announcements you would use at a reception for either a CD player or iPod download to play just before each event.  The aim is to help the dysfunction and disorganization that surrounds most of these iPod weddings by giving brides a $10 solution.  You can also have your announcements customized and then be mailed a downloadable version.  The CD is available at iPod Announcements.  From there you can go to CDBaby and purchase downloads or the album itself.

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