Albuquerque Wedding Guild

In an effort to provide educational and networking opportunities for our industry partners, we host occasional luncheons to bring everyone together.  Our luncheon for weddding businesses will be held this Thursday, November 6th at Tanoan Country ClubTammy Elliott, president of the Perfect Wedding Guide franchises will be flying in from Atlanta, GA to present on the topic of “The Truth about Brides & Budgets”.  She will be discussing specific statistics for our New Mexico market on how much couples are spending on their weddings these days and how that can affect the way that businesses may need to adjust their vision and focus to be able to obtain YOUR business.  Did you know that only approximately 60% of brides actually claim to even have a budget? 

Here’s a great quote from Sylvia Weinstock:

” Brides usually tell their families and grooms it cost less than it does and she tells her friends it cost more than it DID!”

As the publisher of the New Mexico Perfect Wedding Guide, I want to ensure that our affiliates understand our market and are doing their best to serve YOU no matter what your budget is.   – Shauna Pointer


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