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There are two questions that you, the bride, should ask about wedding videography.  First, why should I videotape my wedding? and Second, how should I select my videographer?



Why a Wedding DVD is Indispensable.  A Wedding DVD will provide a vivid memory and documentation of ALL of the wedding decisions you have made over the past year as you plan your wedding.  This includes the invitation, centerpieces, flowers, place cards, dresses, tuxedos, decorations….not to mention the intimate vows, toasts, first dance and cake cutting.  An Avista Wedding DVD incorporates these intimate details.  Don’t cut corners by eliminating the Wedding DVD.  You will be amazed at what you miss during your Wedding Day that is captured on video.  For example, what was your fiancé doing while you were getting ready with your bridesmaids?  (See Testimonials on Avista Video Wedding DVDs below.)  Wedding Photos and Videography are each unique and not a substitute for one another.


Which Video Company to Choose?  Why Avista?  Next, choosing a Videography Company is critical.  Are they attentive to detail? Will they show you samples of their work?   How long have they been in business?  Will they provide you with references?  How long will the video take to complete?  Avista’s policy is to complete the DVD, with custom graphics (see images), within 2-4 weeks — and often the DVD is ready by the time the bride and groom return from their honeymoon!  Avista has also been taping Wedding in New Mexico since 1996 with a long list of extremely satisfied customers.


Additional Avista Wedding Video Options.  Avista also offers dynamic Bride & Groom “Movie from Photos” of the bride and groom from childhood to courthship to show at the wedding or rehearsal.  Plus, Avista has launched its “Bride & Groom Featurette” in which the wedding couple tell the story of how they met, what attracted them to each other, and their hopes and aspirations for the future, illustrated by photos from their courtship. 


 Below are recent unsolicited testimonials about Avista’s 2008 Wedding DVD work.


Dear Lisa and Avista Team,


“We are truly pleased with the video that your team produced.  Words cannot explain how wonderful it turned out.  It was a very special day for us and now we will e a le to watch the video and remember it mf-wedding_ext-dvd-cover_pwg1more vividly.  We will highly recommend your company to anyone that is looking for a great way to remember their special day.  Our (Avista) videographer captured the essence of the day and missed nothing!”


Thank you!


Ebany and Will

May 16, 2008 Wedding


“Travis and I would like to thank you all so much for your wonderful work in putting our wedding DVd together  It runed out awesome!  It made both of us cry tears of happiness.  It was so nice to sit and watch what actually took place that day since it went by so fast.  John was able to get some incredible shots  He did a wonderful job videotaping our wedding. Thank you all so much for your efforts and thank you for being a part of our special day!



Travis and Monique Dodd

September 13, 2008



lovato_ext-dvd-cover_pwg1Hi! It’s Judith Balderrama-Lovata, I just wanted to tell you Thank you so much for the wonderful video that was put together for Martin and I.  This is a memory that I will always cherish and I can see it any time I want  Again Thank you for the job well done, I will spread the word about you guys for sure!  Also Thank you for being so patient with me as far as having a chance to go in and view the video after all this time.


Thank You.

Judith Balderrama-Lovato

June 28, 2008 Wedding


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