New trends for bridesmaid jewelry

bmgracebrace-2lgEach year when wedding season approaches, there are new issues of wedding magazines, new dresses, veils and jewelry.  With each passing year there are jewelry trends that become timeless and jewelry trends that are popular for the next few years.  There is one new jewelry trend that started late last year and is continuing on this year with many brides for their bridesmaid selections. 


You’ve selected each of your bridesmaids because of their different and unique personalities, take this into consideration when selecting their bridesmaids jewelry.  The days of picking the same exact necklace, earrings and bracelet for your maids to wear on your wedding day has changed.  Now it’s perfectly acceptable to select different jewelry for each maid, based on their own style and coordinated with your wedding colors. This is one of the newest trends that we are seeing brides go with and we are loving every custom decision they’re making. 


You may have been invited to a wedding in the past few years where all of the bridesmaids are wearing the same color dress, but in different styles.  This is the same idea carried out through their jewelry.  While, for your wedding you may have your maids in the same dress, they can wear different jewelry that reflects their style, but in your colors. 


A great and fun way to accomplish this is by selecting a different pair of earrings for each bmsmalldiamonddropearbridesmaid.  Stay within your color pallet, but choose a different design for each bridesmaid.  For the bridesmaid that might be shy and wear only a tiny bit of jewelry at any time, you may want to select a simple drop style or small cascading earring.  For the bridesmaid that loves a big bold bangle and dangly earrings, a chandelier style or larger cluster style earring might just be perfect.  Use your bridesmaid’s individuality to find that perfect pair just for her.


Staying within the same color pallet is not as difficult as it may sound. If you search for a more customizable bridesmaid earring that offers an array of color selections, you’ll be able to mix and match any pair and have them all coordinate within the same color scheme.  A great brand of pearls and crystals to look for is the Swarovski brand.  This brand offers over 130 crystal colors and over 30 pearl colors, which is perfect for matching bridesmaids gowns with their jewelry.


The days of finding one style that works for everyone is over.  Your bridesmaids don’t have to all be exactly the same.  Allow your style and imagination to take you along this jewelry trend by finding a unique piece of bridesmaid jewelry for each girl that reflects her personality and style.  This is a gift idea that keeps on giving, as your maids wear their jewelry gifts after the wedding.


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One thought on “New trends for bridesmaid jewelry

  1. I am really glad this idea was suggested. This allows the bridemaid to show a little bit of her personality even though she may be wearing the same dress as all the other ladies. At least she will wear the jewelry again….


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