The First Green Certified Photographer in New Mexico

Congratulations to Richard Nunez Photography for becoming the first certified green photographer in New Mexico!

Becoming Green Certified requires a great deal of commitment and determination, and in order to be certified, Richard Nunez Photography was required to show a clear plan on how the 3R’s (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle), were integrated into their company and how they provide vital input and reflection to both their daily and future operations. As a business they had to evaluate internal/external processes, carbon footprints, carbon off-sets, tracking energy consumption, identifying and ensuring  renewable resources, etc.

Photo by Richard Nunez Photography
Photo by Richard Nunez Photography

What Richard Nunez Photography is saying to their clients:

“You can be assured you are receiving photographic excellence and quality, while minimizing environmental impact, recycling at its fullest, and promoting sustainability.”

Congratulations again to Richard Nunez  Photography on continuing to be an innovative force in the photography industry here in New Mexico!

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