Green Flowers

Peoples Flowers launched the Peoples Better World Initiative this past April on Earth Day in a company-wide effort to minimize their environmental footprint. They are constantly making their company more sustainable (i.e. green) as possible. In order to achieve being green, they are recycling paper, cardboard, plastic, as well as composting all of their green waste and buying more and more flowers that are certified sustainably grown.

An eco-friendly arrangement from People's Flowers
An eco-friendly arrangement from Peoples Flowers

In addition, they have a vase recycling program. As a way to give back to the customer for their recycling efforts, Peoples Flowers offers a discount on their next flower purchase when a customer brings in their vase to recycle.

It is great to see local businesses not only promote sustainable living, but also provide easy ways for their customers to recycle as well (and receive a discount)! Everyone benefits when everyone helps out, thanks Peoples Flowers!

What are you doing to be green this year? Post your comments below.

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