Wedding Planning: Managing the Guest List

The bulk of your wedding budget will go toward the wedding reception. Wedding planning101 tells us that the best way to cut cost is by managing the guest list. If you have a long wedding guest list and limited funds, look for ways to have a beautiful wedding that fits your budget.

Credit: Orpheus and Aphrodite

Traditionally, the bride’s family sets the wedding guest list number. But with more couples paying for their own weddings and more grooms’ families helping out, your wedding guest list and its size affect everyone involved.

Often there’s an equal division—a third to your family, a third to your fiance’s family, and a third shared by you and your fiance. Traditionally, when the bride and groom come from the same town, both families are allocated an equal number of guests, with mutual friends shared among the three lists. If your groom comes from a distant location, consider allocating fewer guests for his family. Send announcements rather than invitations to those distant friends and acquaintances who are unlikely to attend. Read More..

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