Wedding Cakes: Additional Options for Your Reception

If the wedding cake takes center stage, then consider these confections as stage hands for the main event. Here, a list of additional cake options to showcase at your wedding reception.

  • The groom’s cake: While most groom’s cakes are chocolate, there are hundreds of options in filling and flavor for the grooms cake. It should reflect your guys’ taste and personality.
  • Mini wedding cakes: Individual cakes placed at each guests’ table. If you’re on a budget, consider replacing the main wedding cake with these options which can also double as wedding favors.
  • Croquembouche: An elaborately decorated French pastry made of piles of sweet cream puffs. It’s a symbol of good luck, granting the couple a happy and prosperous life together.
  • Stand-in cake: This is a smaller, less expensive versions of the wedding sheet cake which is pre-cut and served to guests.
  • Petit fours: Mini pastries served in addition to the wedding cake.
  • Top tier (anniversary cake): Traditionally, the top tier is saved for the bride and grooms to enjoy on their first year wedding anniversary.

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