Unique Wedding Registry Ideas

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For most modern couples, more kitchen utensils and bath towels only clutter an already copious collection. That’s why many brides and grooms are taking a distinctive approach when it comes to creating a wedding registry, listing really cool items and gadgets that reflect their individual taste and personality. Read here to discover items that you can request to create a unique wedding registry to fit your lifestyle.

In-home entertainment (movies and music)

For movie and music buffs, skip over the housewares section of your neighborhood retailer and register for items for your media library. Adding music and movies to your list is a great way to beef up box set collections or add new genres to a growing playlist.

Gourmet goods

Savory spices and cookbooks with exotic flare are ideal gifts for the culinary couple. Check out specialty cooking stores and epicurean markets to select registry items that transform hum drum meals to 5-star experiences.

Gym equipment

For the couple who is very into working out, home gym equipment is a must have on the wedding gift registry. Exercise balls, yoga gear, free weights are just a few items to add to you wish list.


With the average age of most newlywed couples being between 27-29, most brides and grooms already have all the goods they need to start their new lives together. Many are forgoing traditional gifts and asking guests to donate to charitable organizations instead.


For the jet-setting duo, a dependable luggage set makes travel a breeze. Tip: Select bags and suitcases in bright colors. This makes them easier to spot at baggage claim!

Grilling gadgets

Entertaining around the grill is a popular pastime for many newlyweds. So much so, grilling gear like cedar planks, brush sets and grill toppers have found a spot on modern wedding registries.

Home-improvement tools

New homeowners and DIY Weekend warrior types will find much use in power tools and hardware items. It’s no wonder many brides and grooms head to home improvement superstores to round out their wedding registry.

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3 thoughts on “Unique Wedding Registry Ideas

  1. I totally agree–there are so many more interesting things to register for other than basic kitchen appliances! My fiance and I are planning on setting up a charitable donations fund on our myregistry.com registry for susan g. koman as well as a fund for our honeymoon. Besides that, we are both just picking some cool things we’d like to have–like rock band for the wii! Why not?


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