Exciting Month Ahead

Congratulations to all the couples getting engaged over this past Christmas weekend!  And I’m sure there’s more engagements to come over New Years!  January and February can be very exciting when it comes to planning your wedding.  There are many bridal shows, Wedding Planning 101 classes, and resources to look through on our website.  Be prepared to answer some of the following questions:

When is your wedding date?

Where are you getting married? (i.e. City or Venue)

What is your budget? (For that particular service)

Don’t worry, don’t sweat!  It may be hard to answer these questions if you just got engaged.  It’s ok if you haven’t set your wedding date yet, but it will be difficult to book any vendors for your day because it all boils down to the wedding professional’s availability for that day.  The city or venue to where your wedding will take place will also determine what vendors are needed and if any extra costs are incurred (travel expenses).  And budget, that’s a hard one….only 60% of brides claim to have a wedding budget.  This may be your first time getting married and you may have no idea how much a wedding will cost, but it’s important to call around and do your research with the vendors you’re interested in.  Then sit down with your fiance, parents, grandparents, etc to see how much money will be put towards your wedding.  Book the area of the wedding that is most important to you (i.e. photographer, venue, dress, flowers, etc.) and then allocate the rest of the money where it’s needed.   Most vendors are also willing to set up a payment plan with you to help make your planning process less stressful.  Remember, you are only going to have one special day dedicated to celebrating with your husband, friends, and family! 

Congrats and Happy Planning!

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