10 Money-saving Tips for Your Wedding Reception

Photo by Sonya Cogan Photography

When it comes to the wedding budget, a major consideration is what beverages to serve at the wedding reception. Many of your guests will expect you to have a bar setup that serves alcoholic beverages of some sort. But what you serve and how you will serve it depends on your knowledge of wedding reception bar options. Here are some terms you need to know for serving alcoholic beverages, and ways to keep costs down.

1. Champagne Reception:
This type of reception spotlights champagne as the only alcohol-based beverage served. When calculating how much champagne to order from your wedding cateringservice, allow four glasses per standard bottle. For a toast, figure one glass per person. For cocktails, you may need two. One-half bottle per guest is usually sufficient for most receptions unless you expect a series of formal toasts or if your event is very lengthy.

2. Corkage Fee:
This is a fee per bottle to open and serve liquor you bring to your reception site. Most of the time only restaurants will have corking fees. Other venues will require you to use their wine.

3. Consumption Bar:
At this type of reception, your wedding catering bartenders keep a running tab of drinks served and total the cost per drink. You pay for each drink consumed, and, depending on the tastes of your guests, your cost could be high.

To learn more money-saving tips for your reception, visit PerfectWeddingGuide.com.

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