Makeup Tips to Try for Your Wedding!

Photo by Dry Heat Photography

Makeup Dos and Don’ts:

Every woman wants to be beautiful on her big day. And to make sure you’re looking your best, follow these wedding makeup tips of dos and don’ts for summer brides.

Do: Emphasize the eyes
This summer season the trend is all about the eyes. False lashes are the perfect way to add a little glamour to your eyes as well and make them “pop”. Long and lush lashes, shimmery shadows and lots of eyeliner will make your eyes smolder and have everyone hold their gaze just a little bit longer.

Don’t: Forgo foundation:
Whether you need it or not, use it because it creates an even skin tone, a must for wedding photos.

Do: Play it safe Natural beauty with captivating eyes is the look you want to go for this summer. Not only does the trend look amazing in person, but it’s enchanting in pictures. Be sure to use water-proof products when possible to ensure no amount of tears will disturb it and you will be runway ready when you walk down the aisle with all eyes on you.

Don’t: Over-load on Bronzer: The effect is meant to mimic where the sun would naturally kiss your face – down bridge of nose, across the forehead, tip of chin and highest part of cheeks. It is not meant to be worn over every inch of your face to look like a tan.

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