Wedding Decor: 5 Things You Should Know About Wedding Flowers

Think about your wedding guests when planning flower centerpieces.
When a bride thinks about the flowers for her big day, she often envisions the look of her bridal bouquet. However, centerpieces for wedding receptions are just as important.

Luckily, women who are still undecided about their wedding flower arrangements can turn to party-planning experts for advice and inspiration. In fact, recently gave some pointers on how to choose flawless table adornments.

The news source advises girls to first think about how centerpieces will affect those who want to mingle throughout dinner and dessert.

“Unless the guests at certain tables all hate each other, you don’t want to stop them from talking to anyone who isn’t directly beside them,” the publication reports.

Also, one detail brides often overlook is the potent smell of fresh blossoms. While a flower’s fragrance is often pleasing, it may decrease a person’s appetite.

“You don’t want to torture your guests with strong odors right under (or above) their noses,” according to the news source.

Flowers are certainly considered one of the key wedding essentials, so it’s important for brides to look through photos and brainstorm ideas early in their engagement. While centerpieces for wedding receptions will wilt within a week, photos last forever.

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