Russell Brand goes from wedding planning to talking about babymaking

Russell Brand may have just finished wedding planning, yet it looks as though the comedian has already settled into married life. In fact, the Get Him to the Greek star, who just wed Katy Perry at an elaborate Indian affair, recently spoke about his desire to start a family.

“Katy said I’d make a good babydaddy. You saw what I was like with those kids on stage, what do you think?” he asked the UK’s Star Magazine.

While Brand seems to be on top of the world at the moment, the funnyman was quite the cad years ago. In fact, he bedded so many women, The Sun named him Shagger of the Year three years in a row.

Still, the guy may have finally met his match with the I Kissed a Girl chanteuse, as he couldn’t help but gush about their relationship.

“It’s nice and when you find someone you get on with things like fame and celebrity cease to matter,” he told the news outlet.


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