Wedding food trends in 2011

One of the most important parts of wedding planning is deciding on the food you’re going to serve. From the hors-d’oeuvres to the dinner to the wedding cake, picking food that’s unique, delicious and satisfying can be quite the task. Wedding planner Josh Gurvitz of Indianapolis recently spoke to the Indianapolis Star about the trends he sees emerging for wedding gourmands in the coming year.

Gurvitz suggests that soon-to-be-wed couples decide on a theme for the food of their wedding. Whether it’s high-brow French cuisine or down-home picnic fare, sticking to a motif can lend some continuity to the meals that your guests enjoy.

“From a traditional New England clambake to a spicy Southern barbecue, theme-wedding menus create a fun, exciting, and memorable event,” Gurvitz explains. “It might even be the way you eat the food that stays in your guests’ minds – cracking crabs at a Maryland riverside wedding, nibbling satay at a Thai-inspired city garden reception, or one of my faves was roasting marshmallows over a bonfire at chic Zionsville (Ind.) wedding.”

As for the dessert, Gurvitz notes that specialty wedding cakes and unique takes on wedding classics – like wedding cupcakes – are all the rage these days.

Blame it on the popularity of ‘Top Chef, Just Desserts, Amazing Cakes and Cake Boss, but cake bakers and pastry chefs are churning out incredible desserts and wedding cakes with gourmet flavors.

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