When weddings do not go as planned

Wedding planning is something that is very time-consuming. It could take years and some may argue they have been planning it since they can remember. However, that special day does not always go as planned for some couples. According to the Burnsville Patch, the wedding venue that was supposed to host Rachel Gonzales and Adam Hanneman’s wedding shutdown weeks before the date.

“It’s just something we’ve been working so hard for and we’ve been really looking forward to it and now it’s all falling apart,” Gonzales told the news source. “How do you call 150 people and tell them that things are different, that plans have changed? What’s the right way to handle this?”

Gonzales and her husband-to-be found another wedding venue, however. The two will still be getting married July 16, regardless of where they end up, the media outlet reports.

Unfortunately these two are not alone. In fact, a new show will be premiering at the end of this month that deals with couples in similar situations. According to the FutonCritic, the new WE TV show, “I Do Over,” will take horror stories and turn them around by awarding these couples with the wedding they always wanted. The show will premiere July 24.

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