Popular wedding rings, that last forever

There are many trends that a number of brides and grooms consider when planning a wedding, regardless if they are conscious of their decisions following these trends or not. One of which is wedding rings, as there are a number of different styles and designs that make up these beautiful bands. According to OneWed, there are three wedding ring trends that can make it easier for some couples to decide – engraving, vintage and metal harmony.

Engraving has become increasing popular amongst brides and grooms, as they inscribe a date or a sentimental note onto the band. If a couple wants to do this, they need to be careful of what metal to use, as white gold will fade the message over time, but platinum will keep it up. Also, people have started to incorporate old family heirlooms into their rings. Metal harmony is another trend that allows the rings to look similar to represent their bond.

Grooms may not want any diamonds on their wedding bands – one option for them are tungsten wedding bands. These rings do not have the classic diamond as many expect but rather a small black diamond that is both simple and still showcases great quality in a ring.

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