Popular fall wedding invitations

Every season there are new types of trends and styles that brides and grooms take into account when they are planning a wedding. For the fall season, there are even trends when it comes to the types of wedding invitations that get sent out, according to the Washingtonian.

Monochromatic styles and heavy, thick paper with hand-painted edges seems to be very popular this season, the news provider reports. Also, personalized envelope liners and diecut envelopes have also appeared on several.

“For fall, we’re seeing lots of nature-themed invitations, using images of trees, leaves, mountains – and lots of peacocks,” Heidi Kallett, owner of a stationary store, told the news source. “We’re also seeing couples mix and match patterns like stripes, florals, and checks, all in the same design.”

In addition, the most popular colors for wedding invitations this season are copper, deep purple and jewel tones, the media outlet reports.

According to TheKnot, it is important that no matter what type of wedding invitation design a bride and groom decide to send out, it should be personal because it is a very special event.


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