The upcoming wedding fashions of 2012

It is the time of engagement season, as a great number of people are getting on one knee and proposing to their significant other. Many will start planning a wedding, and several brides will be eager to start looking for their perfect, beautiful wedding dress.

According to the Washington Post, there are a number of new wedding fashion trends that people may want to look out for when they are attempting to find a gown. One trend is a high, thigh-baring slit that accompanies the elegant dress along with multiple layers and textures to bring uniqueness to the design.

In addition, many are coming up shortin regards to the hemline. These perky and simple dresses are what many brides who like to be a little more casual can appreciate. Those who are opting for elegance may be interested in long-sleeved and lace dresses, which are sure to be a wedding trend of the next year along with illusion necklines, consisting of a strapless dress with a lace covering, and sequined-embellished waist ribbons, the media outlet reports.


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