Vera Wang launches application for brides-to-be

Fashion and wedding dress designer Vera Wang recently released a new application for smartphones, which helps brides-to-be who are planning a wedding, according to The Huffington Post.

The application includes more than 1,000 pictures of cakes, dresses, flowers and stationary to help planners pick what they like. It also includes tons of articles related to wedding planning along with the ability to track the couple’s guest list – so they need no extra help to manage the details, according to the news source.

When it comes to the beautiful wedding dress the bride will wear, Wang advises women to ensure they give themselves enough time to look.

“A bride should look at everything she possibly can and try on all the different possibilities, just so she can experiment and see what makes her really feel beautiful or glamorous or classic, or whatever she desires to be on her wedding day,” Wang told the news source.

Wang is known for her fabulous wedding dresses, but has recently expanded her line to include wedding bands, engagement rings and other beautiful jewels.

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