Wedding MBA and PWG Conference recap

It was a busy week in Vegas, attending both the Perfect Wedding Guide annual conference and Wedding MBA. We met so many great people and learned the latest trends in weddings. Below are some hot tips for both brides and wedding vendors.


3 Top Wedding Trends

  • Twenties Glamour (ie: The Great Gatsby)


  • Ritzy Ranch

  • Hipster Chic


Twist to Tradition

Brides and wedding professionals are adding new twists to traditions.

  • Flower girls holding a sign or ringing a bell as apposed to throwing rose pedals down the aisle.
  • Having Bridesmen and Goormsmaids
  • Conducting a first look photo session, instead of having the grooms first look at the bride be when the shes is walking down the aisle.
  • Hosting a wedding weekend celebration
  • Giving the bouquet to Grandma or to the oldest married couple
  • Capturing the proposal with video or photography

All of these above ideas are great and we hope that you will get some inspiration from them.

Below is a picture of Shauna and myself at the PWG Annual conference. Our market won “Outstanding Contribution to the PWG system”!

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