5 Memorable Save The Date Concepts!

So you have the perfect guy, the date set and wedding planning in progress , what to do next? Send out your “save the dates”, hurry ! Sending out your save the dates early can be super helpful for people especially those who live out of town and may even end up being be the difference for some people being able to make it. Planning ahead never hurts! Check out these super cute save the dates I found while browsing.

If you are going for a vintage feel at your wedding something like this below may be perfect. I love the rose and gold combination. The pearls and vintage locket give it a very authentic feel.


 When thinking of  save the date ideas for you and your significant other consider incorporating something you are both passionate about. I love how this couple used an old school film canister-very creative!.

This website http://www.instructables.com/id/35mm-Film-Save-the-Date/ actually has the instructions to create these invites!


    I thought this “tying the knot” image was very  imaginative! I like the simplistic idea yet power message.


While this is just your average one page photo save the date reminder the image itself  truly make it memorable. There take on Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie’s blockbuster Mr & Mrs Smith is spot on .Very cute!


This last one is super sweet. It’s kind of long but do take the time to read through it and maybe think about doing something that gives your expected wedding attendees insight into your relationship. It always nice to learning something new about people especially before you watch them say their “I do’s”.


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image 1


image 2


image 3


image 4


image 5


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