Wedding/Engagement Photo Pick of the Week- Bryan’s Photography

Hello Everyone! You guessed it…  Its time for this weeks Wedding/Engagement photo pick of the week . I chose this completely adorable engagement photo done by Julie Atkins with Bryans Photography for a few reasons. First of all I love  the location of the photo. Out of habit I think a lot of Albuquerque/Santa Fe bride to be’s opt for the typical bosque location for pictures(which are always beautiful ) however, I admire that Julie was thinking out of the box and took the couple to a fun and different location.  Secondly, I love how she positioned herself in a way that makes it  feel almost as if she is not there or that she just so happened to catch a glimpse of their affection without them knowing. I love all of the vibrant colors and the small details- like the beautiful reflection off of the water. The photo itself has great composition and great quality- a photo that will be treasured for years to come. When planning your engagement shoot, look for a unique location and always make sure to have some props to work with.  Great work as always Bryan’s Photography– Keep it up!

Photo Credit { Julie Atkins} with {Bryans Photography}

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