Wedding expert David Tutera interviews with Perfect Wedding Guide!


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Even as a woman who is not currently engaged, I am still completely obsessed with the show My Fair Wedding hosted by wedding expert David Tutera. When I found out that our Spring/Summer issue of Perfect Wedding Guide would be running an interview of David, I was beyond excited. In the interview he had some great insight into all things wedding and wedding planning. When asked what advice he would give to the Perfect Wedding Guide bride, David replied, “You can never let that fairytale dream get squashed. Girls have so many choices now and the industry has become over saturated with information. I always say to keep your vision and your dream, just find a way to execute it. A fairytale dream wedding doesn’t mean you have to have a lot of money. It means that you have heart, passion, and love and it’s the things that you do to execute it. Never step away from it.”-  I thought those were some very wise and inspiring words.  View the online version of our guide for the full interview and more on his new jewelry collection Embellish – by visiting our main website 

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Sneak peek of David Tutera’s Jewelry collection {Embellish}

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