70 years of continuous love

Hello brides! I know it has been a while since I have posted as we have been diligently working on a new blog project .   However, I thought today would be a perfect day to post this amazing story I came across on People.com.

“Ninety-one years after meeting, they’re still in love.

Ron and Eileen Everest never knew a world without each other. They were born in the same hospital – he in 1921, she in 1922 – and were friends practically from birth.

As 4-year-olds, they posed as bride and groom in a pretend wedding at a carnival. Later, barely out of their teens, they married for real.

And this year, 87 years after that old photo was taken – the one they fondly refer to as their first wedding rehearsal – the British couple are celebrating their platinum anniversary after 70 years of marriage.”

Follow link for the full story. Full story


Behind every elaborate, stunning wedding should be a relationship built on a firm foundation and love like that of Ron and Eileen. Congratulations to them for their 70 years of marital bliss.  For more on everything wedding and wedding planning visit PerfectWeddingGuide.com




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