Elegant Americana inspired shoot by Arielei Kinzer Photography

elegantIt’s America’s Birthday and we are celebrating in true PWG style with a styled shoot that is ABSOLUTELY gleaming with patriotism +  rustic fierceness! It’s a given, anytime Arielei Kinzer is behind the camera you know pure perfection is sure to ensue and she delivered on that promise with this one. Y’all… scrolling through the images of this shoot seriously made my heart beat faster!  Here’s what Arielei had to say about bringing her vision for this stylized shoot to fruition:
 “The sun is bright, summer is in full force, and it’s time to break-out the pies and fireworks. Americana- that lovely red, white, and blue! It brings us all together to celebrate something we all share. It’s a uniting holiday, a holiday full of fun, and full of iconic patterns and pallets.
We love the classic blue and white farmhouse dinnerware,  the all-american pies with a modern twist (we made them mini and put them on a pie-bar), and the way this vintage hairstyle and red lipstick goes perfectly with patriotic elegance. All set against our beautiful Southwest background in Santa Fe, NM and topped with a faded, old flag (which by the way, makes the perfect wedding photo prop!)  Not to mention a bombshell blonde in a Justin Alexander wedding dress and some gorgeous calligraphy to tie it all together.
If you love the red, white, and navy, and you love a little classic meets farmhouse, ranch meets elegant, then this Americana wedding inspiration is perfect for you!”

0004_AC3A8149 0011_DH5A8651 0013_DH5A8655 0020_DH5A8696 0022_DH5A8704 0041_DH5A8791 0039_DH5A8748 0018_DH5A8687 0030_DH5A8728 0033_DH5A8732 0038_DH5A8746 0052_DH5A8871 0054_DH5A8875 0061_DH5A8890 0046_DH5A8828 0064_DH5A8898 0070_DH5A8948 0072_DH5A8955 0074_DH5A8964 0050_DH5A8864 0099_DH5A9041
0097_AC3A8204 0121_DH5A9118

0107_DH5A90800109_DH5A90870112_DH5A90980126_DH5A91430131_DH5A91540137_DH5A91850140_DH5A91900143_DH5A92060175_DH5A93420186_AC3A82260189_AC3A82300197_AC3A82500205_DH5A93850207_DH5A93900218_AC3A82940229_AC3A83580246_DH5A95010251_AC3A83630257_DH5A9532 0259_AC3A83740264_DH5A95510276_DH5A95800279_DH5A95850286_AC3A83810304_AC3A8443 0302_AC3A84370310_DH5A9648 0313_DH5A96520318_DH5A9677 0321_DH5A97230322_AC3A84480326_DH5A97650328_DH5A9775 0331_DH5A9789 0334_DH5A9793 0337_DH5A98050345_DH5A98780362_DH5A99160385_DH5A0007 0394_DH5A0067 0436_DH5A0179 0414_DH5A0117 0402_DH5A0088

Final thoughts: Such thoughtful + classic elegance well represented by an amazing execution. We couldn’t be more in awe of all the professionals that pulled this stylized shoot full circle:

Venue: Falcon Ranch // Photography: Arielei Kinzer Photography // Wedding Planner: Magnolia Event Company // Flowers: Floriography Flowers // Dress: Borrowing Magnolia // Catering: American Pie Bakery // Calligraphy on pie flags: Ashley Rose Hamilton // Makeup Artist: Makeup Santa Fe // Hair: Mandy Salazar

We can’t thank you enough, Arielei for sharing with us this exclusive wedding inspiration!


For more on everything wedding + wedding planning, visit us at PerfectWeddingGuide.com and as ALWAYS, much love being sent to you + yours!


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