TREND ALERT! Bespoke Suits by Suits Unlimited

In 2016 weddings are ALL about making the celebration completely custom and personalizing the aesthetic down to the very last detail…and now I am BEYOND excited to announce that it continues… with completely custom wedding tuxedos, wedding suits, dinner jackets and dress shirts. Yes ladies + gents…. it’s time from the Groom to get in on the shine and take advantage of some much needed TLC! This one goes out to all our handsome men out there and is  brought to you by one of New Mexico’s industry leaders in men’s fashion and formal wear, Ashley Kerns of Suits Unlimited: Here’s what she had to say about this sweet new trend.

Suits Unlimited is known for our menswear and especially our formal wear.  We have helped hundreds of weddings achieve their menswear style for their big day.Whether it’s classic tuxedos, or suits for the wedding party to purchase, we have always tried to make the best options available for our clients.This leads us to happily announce a new service for brides and grooms: custom suits, tuxedos, and dress shirts.

We have found an incredible vendor to work with to help clients achieve their dream menswear.  This service comes with a higher price tag but it’s clothing that is made to your every measurement, styled to your request, and can be built on a virtual mannequin on our iPads for your approval. We can even send the looks you have chosen if you are undecided via email.  Styles are kept conveniently in your inbox for when you’re ready.   

Our clothing professionals can measure you to a “T” for your specific body type. There are hundreds of swatches of colors and patterns to choose from in jackets, pants, entire suits, and dress shirts.  Detailed options include everything from picking your own buttons, color of thread for each button hole or lining of the jacket, down to the type of cuff and collar on a dress shirt.


A big hang up in ordering custom wear was waiting to find out if certain fabrics were still available.  In most cases it would take a few days to find out if the fabric you chose was on the chopping block. Now, we have real time inventory where we can tell you immediately if a swatch or style is available.

Custom used to also take a while to be completed, but what used to take a few months now takes just under 4 weeks to create a custom suit.  The service is even faster for dress shirts.  After custom garments are complete and ship in, we do a final fitting to make sure everything fits perfectly.  If something still needs a little adjusting, our tailoring department is on site so we can quickly to ensure the best fit.

We hope brides and grooms can look at this as an option for their wedding day.  Again, it’s a higher price tag for bespoke clothing but if it’s viewed as an investment piece and something they will cherish for years to come, it can be well worth it.  Every wedding is different, shouldn’t the clothing be too?        

Well you heard it here first folks… now let’s just sit back and watch all of our dapper grooms light up our INSTA feeds with their amazing, completely custom suits! I went searching for some of my fave Bespoke looks… check them out below:

via gentlemansbespoke on insta



OH! And be sure to go visit our friends at Suits Unlimited and tell them the PWG crew sent you. We recommend their team and services.every.single.time.

Get in touch with the Suits Unlimited Team!

(505) 883-1060 |  5406 Menaul NE  Albuquerque, NM 87110


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3 Easy Ways to Save Money on Your Big Day- Pt 2

Hey lovelies! Happy #WeddingWednesday!  We are back in action with part 2 of our sweet money saving tips + tricks. Every time we see a money saving idea we are taking note to share with you because we want you to really splurg on your most important wedding elements and save on the rest!

Photo by: Onelove Photography

oneThis first tip is an industry insider secret so take notes! Double up on using ceremony floral/ décor by having it moved during cocktail hour to your reception space. Big vases of flowers or gorgeous antique lanterns are easy to move and will keep your wedding looking ultra cohesive.

Photo by: Allan Zepeda

twoThe floral you choose will be much less expensive if you decide on things that are in-season and available in the area. Ask you florist to double up on greenery to make your arrangements look ultra lush.  If you have your heart set on a particular flower check out this comprehensive list of popular seasonal flowers {here} courtesy of Rue Mag- that way you can see when the best time would be to schedule your nuptials. Another option is to use silk organically correct flowers mixed in with your fresh, in season florals. Arrangements will stay looking beautiful especially so if you are planning on doing anything outdoor and because it is mixed in with the real stuff – no one can tell a difference… promise!

Photo by: Suzuran Photography HIRE A PLANNER! Wedding planners may seem like a pricey luxury but trust when we say…that because they have so many connections in the industry they can actually ending up saving you some serious mula! 

If you don’t need as much help with the choosing and hiring of vendors but still want someone to help with all the logistics of the actual ceremony, hiring a day-of coordinator is the way to go. Find you perfect planner here

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3 Easy Ways to Save Money on Your Big Day- Pt 1

Now days, many couples, for many different reasons, are looking for inexpensive and frugal options for their wedding day. Whether you and your spouse are living simple, or you just aren’t committed to spending thousands on one event, here at Perfect Wedding Guide, we have a few tips and tricks to help you create your perfect wedding on a budget:

1. Communicate:

Via: Pinterest
Via: Pinterest

When your significant other pops the question, you both need to sit down and talk. Figure out how much you both are willing to pay for the wedding and whether or not anyone in your family is willing to help out. Talking about this and creating a baseline budget is absolutely crucial in planning. Once you find a budget, stick to it! You can do it; we promise…

2. Make Some Lists:

We swear by this! Making lists helps you organize your thoughts and accomplish your goals.

a. Make a list of guests:  Who needs to be there? You and your fiancé need to compile a list of important people who need to share this special day with you. We recommend that you keep this list short, though! (See our post about Intimate Weddings)

b. Make a list of things you cannot live without: What are the things you have been dreaming about? You know exactly what we are talking about. The cake design you have been dreaming of since you first met your fiancé is a MUST, so put it on this list. Once you have everything down, divide your established budget among these items, so you have a specific budget for each item.

Via: Pinterest
Via: Pinterest

3. Don’t Procrastinate:

This isn’t your 7th grade History project, so make sure you start early. Go shopping and watch out for deals. If you wait until the last minute, you will be stuck with last minute prices…

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Elegant Americana inspired shoot by Arielei Kinzer Photography

elegantIt’s America’s Birthday and we are celebrating in true PWG style with a styled shoot that is ABSOLUTELY gleaming with patriotism +  rustic fierceness! It’s a given, anytime Arielei Kinzer is behind the camera you know pure perfection is sure to ensue and she delivered on that promise with this one. Y’all… scrolling through the images of this shoot seriously made my heart beat faster!  Here’s what Arielei had to say about bringing her vision for this stylized shoot to fruition:
 “The sun is bright, summer is in full force, and it’s time to break-out the pies and fireworks. Americana- that lovely red, white, and blue! It brings us all together to celebrate something we all share. It’s a uniting holiday, a holiday full of fun, and full of iconic patterns and pallets.
We love the classic blue and white farmhouse dinnerware,  the all-american pies with a modern twist (we made them mini and put them on a pie-bar), and the way this vintage hairstyle and red lipstick goes perfectly with patriotic elegance. All set against our beautiful Southwest background in Santa Fe, NM and topped with a faded, old flag (which by the way, makes the perfect wedding photo prop!)  Not to mention a bombshell blonde in a Justin Alexander wedding dress and some gorgeous calligraphy to tie it all together.
If you love the red, white, and navy, and you love a little classic meets farmhouse, ranch meets elegant, then this Americana wedding inspiration is perfect for you!”

0004_AC3A8149 0011_DH5A8651 0033_DH5A8732 0052_DH5A8871 0054_DH5A8875 0046_DH5A8828 0070_DH5A8948 0099_DH5A9041 Perfect Wedding Guide Albuquerque Santa Fe

0126_DH5A91430143_DH5A92060175_DH5A93420197_AC3A82500205_DH5A93850229_AC3A83580251_AC3A83630259_AC3A83740286_AC3A83810310_DH5A9648 0321_DH5A97230326_DH5A97650328_DH5A9775 0334_DH5A9793 Final thoughts: Such thoughtful + classic elegance well represented by an amazing execution. We couldn’t be more in awe of all the professionals that pulled this stylized shoot full circle:

Venue: Falcon Ranch // Photography: Arielei Kinzer Photography // Wedding Planner: Magnolia Event Company // Flowers: Floriography Flowers // Dress: Borrowing Magnolia // Catering: American Pie Bakery // Calligraphy on pie flags: Ashley Rose Hamilton // Makeup Artist: Makeup Santa Fe // Hair: Mandy Salazar

We can’t thank you enough, Arielei for sharing with us this exclusive wedding inspiration!

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The Sweetest Day at the Event Center at Sandia Golf Club {Lauren + Ross}

They say the real beauty is in the details, and that couldn’t be more true for these two lovebirds. My heart, it’s fluttering… so much wedding inspo to be seen here ladies + gents!

The Event Center at Sandia Golf Club was built with help from Ross, who helped construct the facility. As part of the construction team, Ross was able to see the space firsthand, as well as the various features the Event Center has to offer, all before it was completed! He knew that with the view of the Sandia Mountains and the combination of the ballroom, lanai patio and event lawn, that his fiancé Lauren would love it. After seeing the space together, they both felt it, this is where they would say, “I do.”

Figiel_Wilson_Wedding_123 copy

For the ceremony, they added a dramatic draping to the altar, along with thousands of flower petals that were spread along the aisle for Lauren’s grand entrance.


“Living in New Mexico, succulents have always been a part of the local scenery. Since we had so many people coming in from out of town, we thought they would be a cute gift from us as well as being used as a multi-functional piece in the wedding. I also wanted to tie it all together and add succulents into my bouquet, thanks to our amazing floral designer!” – Bride, Lauren


The couple incorporated shades of  purple, Lauren’s favorite color, and accents of gray and gold throughout.


All in all, this was a celebration that was completely representative of Lauren + Ross as a couple and the sweet love they share for each other. Awe! So sweet.

Professionals that helped pull this celebration full circle:

Venue: Event Center at Sandia Golf Club

Cake: Simply Sweet by Darci

Photographer: Talitha A. Tarro

Décor + Centerpieces: Black Swan Events

Flowers + Bouquets: Albuquerque Florist

DJ: Cutmaster Music

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How Big is Your Wedding? {10 Reasons Why Brides are Choosing Intimate Weddings}

Here at Perfect Wedding Guide, we know that each couple is unique in the amount of guests that they have at their wedding. Some couples would prefer to invite every person that they know, while others want only their closest friends and family to share their wedding experience with them. In this post, we are going to study the pros of an intimate wedding. From the blessings of lower costs, to the longer amount of quality time with each guest, we are convinced that smaller weddings are taking the stage in a big way. Here are some reasons we believe intimate weddings are making couples think twice about who is getting an invite:

  1. Each guest gets more quality facetime with you. 
IW 1
Via: Pinterest

A lot of times, couples with 100+ guests realize after their reception that they didn’t see Aunt Jane for the entirety of their wedding day. The awkwardness the follows at family reunions can be easily avoided if you make a few decisions; and, maybe, cutting back on the invites is one of them.

2. The photographer will LOVE you. 

Many photographers love, love, LOVE small weddings. They feel like they can channel more creativity into their photos, give you exactly what you want, and save you a lot of time. It is hard to enjoy your job when you are herding a massive congregation of people for a group photo.

Via: Pinterest
Via: Pinterest

3. Your amazing DIY ideas will be manageable.

Via: Pinterest
Via: Pinterest

Many brides love the DIY ideas they find on Pinterest and their favorite blogs, but the amount of people at their wedding make those projects near impossible. With an intimate wedding, you can actually pour out all of that penned-up creativity into your wedding plan.

4. Your guests will be more comfortable with people they actually know.

Via: Pinterest
Via: Pinterest

There is nothing more uncomfortable and awkward than being a guest at a wedding and the only person you know is the bride or groom. Make your guests feel comfortable and relaxed by keeping it “in the family”. Your family and friends will grow closer and build stronger relationships if you do so.

5. It’s a wedding, not a reunion.

Via: Pinterest
Via: Pinterest

It doesn’t make sense to pay $100+ a head, when all you want to do is “catch up”. Go ahead and grab some coffee, but we don’t recommend inviting your lab partner from 11th grade chemistry to your wedding just to reunite.

6. You can get creative with your venue.

Want to get married in your backyard? Great. Want to get married at the campsite where you fell involve? Perfect. Want to get married on a mountaintop after a short hike with a picturesque waterfall in the background? Fantastic. If you have a small wedding, you can basically get married wherever you want.

Via: Pinterest
Via: Pinterest

7. You can save money and splurge on the important aspects of your dream wedding.

When you save invites, you save money on food, drinks, seating, space, and gifts. Furthermore, with all that extra cash, you can make your special guests feel extra special with unique gifts, extra food, more drinks and a better all-around experience. Also, don’t forget, you can always spend a little extra on that amazing honeymoon!

Via: Pinterest
Via: Pinterest

8. You can get married faster.

With less details and people to take care of, you can cut down your timeline. Want to get married in three months? That’s a possibility!

Via: Pinterest
Via: Pinterest

9. You can spend time with your spouse.

Via: Pinterest

Often times, couples find themselves so busy with their army of guests, that they don’t spend any quality time with each other. With smaller weddings, the couple can spend more time  on their wedding day kissing, hugging, and being one on one.

10. You can relax!

Having a small wedding is like having a party with the people in your life that mean the most to you. So let loose, relax, and share the love!

Via: Pinterest
Via: Pinterest


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