2016 Bride’s Night Out {Re-living the Fun}

This year’s Bride’s Night Out was definitely an event to remember. When it comes to wedding planning, you want the best people on the job, so we connected you to local vendors who care. We loved hosting this event and seeing all of our brides and grooms having a crazy, fun time planning their perfect wedding. We couldn’t have made this event happen with out our vendors, sponsors, and our soon-to-be-married couples. We adore working with all of you and cannot wait to hang out with all of you again for next year’s Bride’s Night Out!

Much thanks to Hotel Andaluz and their staff for letting us use their gorgeous space! It is perfect for all things wedding!
Much thanks to Hotel Andaluz and their staff for letting us use their gorgeous space! It is perfect for all things wedding! (Via: Matt Blasing)
Gorgeous table décor by Sandia Casino & Resort
Gorgeous table décor by Isleta Resort and Casino
Gorgeous hairpiece by Bridal Elegance by Darlene!
Gorgeous hairpiece by Bridal Elegance by Darlene
Gorgeous Jewelry by Silpada Jewelry by Lisa Lipke...
Gorgeous Jewelry by Silpada Jewelry by Lisa Lipke…
Adorable wedding-themed berries at the Nature Pointe booth!
Adorable wedding-themed berries at the Nature Pointe booth!
Gorgeous flowers by Estella Floral Design
Gorgeous flowers by Estella Floral Design
Totally adoring this display by Dinner 4 Two
Totally adoring this display by Dinner 4 Two (Via: Matt Blasing)
Fantastic décor at the Strawberries and More booth
Charming setting by Classic Party Rentals
Charming setting by Classic Party Rentals

We loved this event so much. The relaxed vibes helped everyone unwind and enjoy each other, and we couldn’t have accomplished any of it without these vendors and sponsors:

Venue: Hotel Andaluz

Photography: Matt Blasing Photography

Videography: 2U Films

Linens: Classic Party Event + Tent Rentals

MC/DJ: Complete Weddings and Events 

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$10,000 Cash Giveaway {Don’t Miss This Opportunity!}

10000 cash giveaway

There is nothing you love more than your future spouse, but the cost to marry that special someone is getting pricey. That’s why Perfect Wedding Guide wants to help one lucky couple pay for their perfect wedding with this $10,000 Cash Giveaway. All you need to do is register; it’s as simple as that…

Head over to nm.pwg.com right now, and sign up for your chance to win!

Here are a few of the rules:

  1. Prize: There is one $10,000 cash prize for this Sweepstakes which is not exchangeable nor transferable. The winner is solely responsible for all taxes associated with the Prize.
  2. Eligibility: You are eligible to enter the Sweepstakes if you are a legal resident of the United States, are at least 18 years of age on the date you enter, and have had or will have your wedding between June 1, 2016 and December 31, 2017.
  3. Entry Period: The Sweepstakes entry period begins at 12:00 am Eastern Time on May 1, 2016, and ends at 11:59 pm Eastern Time on December 31, 2016


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12 Months of Giveaways {Enter for your chance to win!}

12 months of giveaways

Hi guys! Are you interested in receiving amazing prizes from local wedding specialists? Well, if you are (and you should be), Perfect Wedding Guide has an amazing opportunity for you called our “12 Months of Giveaways.” This is a chance for us to pamper our brides and grooms and show our appreciation for all that you do. Here’s how you can win:

12 lucky brides and grooms will be chosen over the course of the next year to pick from an amazing selection of gifts from local vendors. Everything from free photo sessions and videography to a day at the spa and an exclusive hotel getaway are up for grabs.

All you need to do is register online at nm.pwg.com for your chance to win!

Giveaways have already begun so act quickly!

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Motivational Monday with Daniel + Jolie Rocha of RocBody Fitness

Hello Ladies + Gents, Happy Monday!

Are you ready to come out of winter hibernation and enjoy this beautiful weather to the fullest?  I know that I personally have a little work to do before bikini season and I feel like a lot of us are in the same boat as far as looking as good as we feel on the inside… especially so when you are planning a wedding. I think in this day and age, with how fast paced everything is, how busy we are and how little healthy options are made available to us in the rise of fast food nation, it can truly feel like an uphill battle. Well I feel you girl and you are NOT alone. One of the best things I have done was to subscribe to Daniel + Jolie’s email list and every Monday,  I swear they are reading my mind, because something beyond inspirational will come through- like the below gem in regards to carbs and what to consider. This last week I have been drastically cutting carbs from my diet as a last ditch effort to shed some pounds before my approaching beach vaca {which you may or may not be doing in preparation for your big day} but this email helped me put everything back into perspective.

While I think for me a low carb diet is what works well, after reading this short article,  I am going to work on taking a good look at the types of carbs I was eating,  introducing good carbs back into my diet and increasing my physical activity. Thank goodness for the RocBody Fitness Team!

Are carbs making you fat? By Daniel + Jolie Rocha of RocBody Fitness


While we all have different tolerances to carbohydrates, you must apply context to a diet when deciding if it’s going to help you lose fat or not. Things like:

. Total calorie intake throughout the day and week

. Quality of food you’re eating

. Training volume/frequency/intensity

. Composition of diet i.e. protein, fats, carbs and fiber

These are some of the key points to consider when looking at your diet in relation to losing fat.

The reality is carbs in isolation cannot be blamed for you gaining body fat or failing to lose fat. They are one of several variables which all contribute towards your progress. If you’re over eating carbs then yes, you’ll gain fat and develop a level of insulin resistance over time. However, that’s a combination of things rather than carbs alone. If you use carbohydrates correctly you should accelerate your fat loss and preserve your long term ability to burn fat.

How do carbs aid in fat loss?

With a structured diet, carbohydrates will help keep your metabolism firing and help avoid you hitting plateaus which ultimately lead to stubborn fat loss. This is because carbohydrates influence your thyroid activity, which governs your metabolic rate. Therefore by removing them, your metabolism is more likely to slow down much quicker, which is not good for fat loss!!

Carbohydrates also help protect your lean muscle tissue which again has a direct correlation to your metabolic rate. The more muscle you can protect whilst in a calorie deficit (which you need to be in to lose fat) the higher your metabolic rate will be.

This is why it’s crucial that you acknowledge nutrition needs context and you cannot blame one thing. Carbs are often unfairly blamed for people’s weight gain, as where in reality they are often not to blame.

Please also check out Daniel’s book. The information contained in its  pages will guide you on how to properly set up low carb, higher fat diet without any problems. Purchase your copy here.

Spring is quickly approaching! Get a jump start on your fitness goals! We’re offering 35% OFF on in-gym training! Get started on your program today on our website at www.drocbodyprograms.com.

Sincerely, Daniel and Jolie Rocha
RocBodyFitness, LLC

Please, if you are on a journey to weight loss in preparation for your wedding or just want an overall healthier lifestyle in general, subscribe to their mailing list here or give them a call. You will not be sorry,  this team is seriously so inspiring. For more on everything wedding + wedding planning visit us at PerfectWeddingGuide.com 

PWG Meet-up at Classic Event + Tent Rentals {Casual Networking}

On the morning of April 21st, The Perfect Wedding Guide Team headed over to Classic Event + Tent Rentals for a casual networking event. We planned on having a simple get-together with coffee and some snacks, but we were pleasantly surprised with gorgeous table settings by Classic, charming arrangements by Charlotte’s Flowers, and a tasty breakfast from Lettuce Cater. It was so wonderful to walk into the space and see Classic’s staff’s talent. They transformed the space into a charming venue, making it so nice to sit down and discuss life with some of Albuquerque’s finest vendors. When we talked with them, we got to see how much they care for their clients and all the hard work that goes into making each couple feel uniquely special. This event was a blast, and it gave everyone the opportunity to not only discuss business, but build relationships.

Charming arrangement by Charlotte's Flowers!
Charming arrangement by Charlotte’s Flowers!


Tasty AND good-looking quiches by Lettuce Cater
Tasty AND good-looking quiches by Lettuce Cater
The Perfect Wedding Guide and a great cup pf coffee make a flawless morning
The Perfect Wedding Guide and a great cup of coffee make for a wonderful morning…
Just a sample of Classic's talent!
Just a sample of Classic’s talent!
More of Charlotte's Flowers!
More of Charlotte’s Flowers!

This little meet-up was so much fun. The unexpected effort from the different businesses just went to show how much our advertisers care. They go above and beyond to make everything they participate in look and feel special.

Special thanks to these vendors, we couldn’t have done this without you:

Venue and Tables/Linens: Classic Event + Tent Rentals

Catering: Lettuce Cater

Flower Samples: Charlotte’s Flowers


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Capture your proposal with Bryan’s Photography

When that special someone finally pops the question, your reaction is going to be priceless. You are going to want to remember that moment and that feeling forever, so, here at Perfect Wedding Guide, we recommend finding a photographer who will capture your proposal flawlessly so you can enjoy it for years to come. Fortunately, you don’t need to look far to find great photography in New Mexico, and we know that Bryan’s Photography always does an incredible job. They recently photographed this surprise proposal and captured the best moments…

Beautiful shot of the ring…
They look so happy!
Can’t you just feel the love?

Now this couple can remember the excitement of their engagement for the rest of their lives.

If you want Bryan’s Photography to capture your surprise proposal, here are the details:

 Surprise Proposal Photography: $199.95 for up to 1 hour of photography at the romantic location of your choice. You will own the  print & online sharing rights to all of the photos that they take and they can help you plan the specifics of capturing the perfect proposal! Please call Bryan’s Photography at
Kudos to Bryan’s Photography for helping this couple’s dream engagement become a reality and a lasting memory.

For more wedding planning inspiration and help, visit perfectweddingguide.com!

Be Unique! {Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses}

Everybody is looking for that little something that will make their wedding special and unique. Here at Perfect Wedding Guide, we think we have just the trend, and it just screams variety – mismatched bridesmaid dresses! We think it may be time to move away from the usual uniformity of your bridal party and embrace each girl’s unique style and flair. Whether you have a huge wedding or an intimate ceremony, this adorable idea is sure to make your big day different and extraordinary.  Here are a dozen bridal parties that totally rocked this trend for your viewing pleasure…

  1. Vintage Class
mm bd
via: Pinterest

2. Bohemian At Its Best

mm bd 2
Via: Pinterest

3. Fashion with Character

Beautiful fall colors!
Via: Pinterest

4. Elegant Neutral Palette

mm bd 3
via: Pinterest

5. Gorgeous Off-Whites

This bridal crew totally rocks these classic pastels and off-whites!
Via: Pinterest

6. The Holy Grail of Print!

Via: Pinterest

7. Fun, Casual, Nautical

These dresses give off a fun, nautical vibe...
Via: Pinterest


8. Variety in Bloom

Via: Pinterest

9. Bright, Bold, and Beautiful

Via: Pinterest

10. Flawless Coordination

Via: Pinterest

11. Gorgeous Texture

Via: Pinterest

12. Extraordinary Color

Via: Pinterest

We hope that now you have recognized the genius behind this trend. You will never forget your wedding with your bridal party bringing their individual beauty and character to it. Their personalities have contributed to your life and your relationship with your future spouse, so why not let their individuality shine through their dresses?

If you are looking for the perfect dresses for your wedding, we have some places for you to check out!

Bridal Elegance by Darlene

Brides by Demetrios

Irma’s Bridal

Laura Sheppherd Bridal

L. Thomas Custom Dress Design

Much love and inspiration from the PWG Team. For more wedding planing inspiration, visit us at perfectweddingguide.com!