Emily + Luke’s Blue Hues

You’d think that after seeing and being a part of so many beautiful local weddings, we’d start to get used to all the raw love and emotion in the air around here. But, nope! Emily + Luke’s gorgeous wedding at Casas de Suenos brought happy tears to our eyes, even after all these years. It’s couples like these, Emily and Luke, that remind us of why we do what we do.

Captured by the always incredible Kayla Kitts Photography, it was the little details of this celebration that really plucked away at our heart strings. From the bride’s wide-as-the-Sandias grin, to the flowing, happy tears from the groom, every sentimental and exciting moment of this magnificent day was captured by Kayla’s lens and unique talent.

Blue hues, reminiscent of New Mexico‘s wide open skies, swirled around Emily and Luke’s ceremony, offering guests a hopeful sort of joy as they celebrated man and wife. Also present was their love for travel and adventure — which is almost as deep as their love for each other. From the little flags made of maps, to the suitcases full of goodies for attendees, the couple’s personality truly encompassed the day.

Scroll on to hear the couple’s love story, read a note from our darling Kayla Kitts, and to see for yourself just how inspiring this moment in time was.




To say Emily + Luke’s wedding day was an epic celebration…well that would be putting it lightly.  You see, Emily and Luke are teachers that live in the Philippines.  But, it hasn’t always been that way – they met in Egypt, when Luke landed a job where Emily’s parents were his bosses!  He says he was excited about the new job, but even more excited about Emily.  If you ask him – he knew he’d marry her the moment he saw her.  He was head over heels for her, and I’d say that hasn’t changed a bit.  As time passed, they fell in love, and since then have continued their exploration of the world – but now, as they begin the school year in Manila, they’re officially Mr + Mrs!

Kayla, Kayla Kitts Photography




A big thank you to the talented vendors who made this day possible for Emily + Luke.

Photography | Kayla Kitts Photography

Venue | Casas de Suenos 

Dress | Ann Cuantico

Shoes |  Ecco

Hair | Kayla Chory with Heart + Soul

Makeup  |  Nina Simbana

Florist  |  Ansely

Rings  |  Tiffanys + Jared Jewlers

Suit  |  Ann Cuantico

Officiant  |  Hany Salam

Cake  |  Laura Keen

DJ  |  TJ

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The Best Outdoor Proposal Ideas in Albuquerque

If you’re getting ready to pop the question, Albuquerque isn’t just a great place to get married, it is also a great place for a dreamy outdoor proposal. To help you come up with some ideas for your proposal, the Perfect Wedding Guide team compiled a list of some of the best places to propose in Albuquerque.

Remember, the details of a proposal depend completely on the personality of the bride-to-be, so it’s up to you to decide what will work best! Your future bride might be a hopeless romantic, or maybe she’s adventurous and outgoing. Whatever the case may be, we got you covered with ideas throughout the Duke City.

Old Town

Photo Via: TrailerGypsies.com
Photo Via: TrailerGypsies.com

An obvious and classic choice is Old Town Plaza. The historic gazebo in the center of the plaza has seen many a wedding. And as the heart of the city, it is also the perfect place for a romantic proposal.

Botanic Garden

Photo Via: TrekEarth.com
Photo Via: TrekEarth.com

A good option for those of you who like to travel is the ABQ BioPark Botanic Garden. From the Rio Grande Heritage Farm to the Japanese Garden, the Botanic Garden is the perfect place to make you feel like your worlds away.

Hot Air Balloon Ride

Photo Via: Britianie Tyler Photography
Photo Via: Britianie Tyler Photography

Suitable for adventurous, thrill seekers is the hot air balloon. What better place to propose than cloud nine? If your bride is scared of heights, however, the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta might be a good alternative.

Bike Ride

Photo Via: Bicycling.com
Photo Via: Bicycling.com

Perhaps my favorite of all is a bike ride along the Rio Grande. There are many hidden spots that would be perfect for a proposal, especially in the spring or summer. It would also be the perfect opportunity for a photographer or videographer to hide out and capture the special moment.

If you are unfamiliar with Albuquerque’s bosque trails, Routes Bike Rentals can help you out with bicycles and set you up for a romantic bike tour.

Isotopes Game

Photo Via: StoryBoardWedding.com
Photo Via: StoryBoardWedding.com

For you brave, outgoing souls, the Albuquerque Isotopes would be a perfect place to pop the question. Some guys wait for the kiss cam and others go all out, proposing right on the field. Either way, this is an option that will be unforgettable!

Check out this adorable video of a proposal at an Albuquerque Isotopes game:

If you still need a ring, be sure to check out one of our recent posts, Pop the Question with the Perfect Ring.

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Pop the Question with the Perfect Ring

Photo Via: ModWedding.com

You received the much needed blessing and you have the most romantic proposal planned out… only one problem, you still have to pick out the perfect ring!

If you’ve ever been to a jewelry store, you know that there are countless options to choose from, and with so many choices, finding the right ring can be overwhelming.

With years of experience, our friends at Shelton Jewelers can help you find the ring to make your proposal extra special. To get you started, we have the skinny on three trends she will love!

The Solitaire

The solitaire is the simple and traditional option. You can’t go wrong with a solitaire, especially if your future fiancé has a style that is classy and elegant.

Photo Via: SKind.nyc
Photo Via: SKind.nyc
Photo Via: ModWedding.com, Sarah Mac Photography
Photo Via: ModWedding.com, Sarah Mac Photography

Rose Gold

Rose gold is a unique option that adds a soft, feminine touch and compliments any skin tone.

Photo Via: MiaDonnaDiamondBlog.com
Photo Via: MiaDonnaDiamondBlog.com
Photo Via: HowHeAsked.com
Photo Via: HowHeAsked.com

The Halo Ring

Finally, the much-coveted halo ring is a sure winner! This style of ring has a vintage look fit for royalty, certain to make your bride-to-be feel like a princess!

Photo Via: TulleandChantilly.com
Photo Via: TulleandChantilly.com
Photo Via: ModWedding.com
Photo Via: ModWedding.com

Regardless of trends and the many styles to choose from, however, you know your bride better than anyone — when you find the ring that suits her personality, you’ll know it!

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TREND ALERT! Bespoke Suits by Suits Unlimited

In 2016 weddings are ALL about making the celebration completely custom and personalizing the aesthetic down to the very last detail…and now I am BEYOND excited to announce that it continues… with completely custom wedding tuxedos, wedding suits, dinner jackets and dress shirts. Yes ladies + gents…. it’s time from the Groom to get in on the shine and take advantage of some much needed TLC! This one goes out to all our handsome men out there and is  brought to you by one of New Mexico’s industry leaders in men’s fashion and formal wear, Ashley Kerns of Suits Unlimited: Here’s what she had to say about this sweet new trend.

Suits Unlimited is known for our menswear and especially our formal wear.  We have helped hundreds of weddings achieve their menswear style for their big day.Whether it’s classic tuxedos, or suits for the wedding party to purchase, we have always tried to make the best options available for our clients.This leads us to happily announce a new service for brides and grooms: custom suits, tuxedos, and dress shirts.

We have found an incredible vendor to work with to help clients achieve their dream menswear.  This service comes with a higher price tag but it’s clothing that is made to your every measurement, styled to your request, and can be built on a virtual mannequin on our iPads for your approval. We can even send the looks you have chosen if you are undecided via email.  Styles are kept conveniently in your inbox for when you’re ready.   

Our clothing professionals can measure you to a “T” for your specific body type. There are hundreds of swatches of colors and patterns to choose from in jackets, pants, entire suits, and dress shirts.  Detailed options include everything from picking your own buttons, color of thread for each button hole or lining of the jacket, down to the type of cuff and collar on a dress shirt.


A big hang up in ordering custom wear was waiting to find out if certain fabrics were still available.  In most cases it would take a few days to find out if the fabric you chose was on the chopping block. Now, we have real time inventory where we can tell you immediately if a swatch or style is available.

Custom used to also take a while to be completed, but what used to take a few months now takes just under 4 weeks to create a custom suit.  The service is even faster for dress shirts.  After custom garments are complete and ship in, we do a final fitting to make sure everything fits perfectly.  If something still needs a little adjusting, our tailoring department is on site so we can quickly to ensure the best fit.

We hope brides and grooms can look at this as an option for their wedding day.  Again, it’s a higher price tag for bespoke clothing but if it’s viewed as an investment piece and something they will cherish for years to come, it can be well worth it.  Every wedding is different, shouldn’t the clothing be too?        

Well you heard it here first folks… now let’s just sit back and watch all of our dapper grooms light up our INSTA feeds with their amazing, completely custom suits! I went searching for some of my fave Bespoke looks… check them out below:

via gentlemansbespoke on insta
Via Ties.com


Via Ultralinx.com

OH! And be sure to go visit our friends at Suits Unlimited and tell them the PWG crew sent you. We recommend their team and services.every.single.time.

Get in touch with the Suits Unlimited Team!

(505) 883-1060 |  5406 Menaul NE  Albuquerque, NM 87110


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{Weekend Wedding Inspiration}Guys Just Wanna Have Fun, Too!

Let the guys unleash their dramatic side with fun groomsmen group photos inspired by their favorite show or pastime to really let them let loose and let their personalities shine through in your wedding photography.

Groomsmen photography by A Contrast In Light, LLC
Groomsmen photography by A Contrast In Light, LLC
Groomsmen Photography by A Contrast In Light, LLC.
Groomsmen Photography by A Contrast In Light, LLC.
“When we met with the groom and bride we emphasized that we really want to capture what they are into. We got up to Taos and the groomsman had gone shooting that morning and one of them mentioned that they felt like characters from Breaking Bad and they had a lot of fun shooting some cans. Then, The idea came up… so we made sure all the guns were cleared and then double checked to make sure they were extra clear and had them walk down a dirt road and do their thing. It was so much fun. Fun ideas really help to get away from a cookie cutter wedding photo. We loved every second of it!” -Brad Tillotson, A Contrast In Light, LLC.
Rio Rancho, NM 87144
For more wedding inspiration from real Albuquerque and Santa Fe weddings, please visit The Perfect Wedding Guide.

Keep Your Groom and His Guys Looking Sharp With Mr. Tux Formalwear

Let’s not forget about the guys! If you are searching for the perfect tuxedos or suits to complete your wedding party’s look, you have got to stop by Mr. Tux!  Mr. Tux Formalwear is locally owned and operated, serving New Mexico families for over 43 years. Mr. Tux has a combined experience level of over 150 years, their friendly staff will work closely with you to find the perfect tuxedos or suits for your wedding party.

Mr. Tux Formalwear has all  of the tux and suit trends and styles you need to check out for your big day. Photo Credit: Mr. Tux Formalwear
Mr. Tux Formalwear has all of the tux and suit trends and styles you need to check out for your big day.
Photo Credit: Mr. Tux Formalwear
Photo Credit: Mr. Tux Formalwear
Photo Credit: Mr. Tux Formalwear
Mr. Tux has been in business in Albuquerque for over over 43 years!  Photo Credit: Mr. Tux Formalwear
Mr. Tux has been in business in Albuquerque for over over 43 years!
Photo Credit: Mr. Tux Formalwear

Mr Tux 7


Mr. Tux Formalwear

4900 Lomas (Lomas and Monroe) and 3107 Eubank (Eubank and Candelaria)

Albuquerque, NM


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Bombshell Boudoir Photography by Creative Portraits by Dolores

Boudoir Photography by Creative Portraits by Dolores
Boudoir Photography by Creative Portraits by Dolores

We are beyond excited to share with our bombshell brides that Creative Portraits by Dolores is now offering boudoir photography packages! Unleash your inner diva with a boudoir session with the truly talented team at Creative Portraits. Boudoir photos are the perfect sexy surprise wedding gift for your fiancee or a fun gift for yourself to remember this beautiful time in your life!

Boudoir Photography by Creative Portraits by Dolores
Boudoir Photography by Creative Portraits by Dolores

Contact Creative Portraits by Dolores today to get their professional opinion on location, costume choices, and creative pose and theme ideas for your own customized shoot!

Creative Portraits by Dolores

Albuquerque, NM

(505) 922-8813

Check out all of the best photographers in the Santa Fe and Albuquerque area at The Perfect Wedding Guide.