Make it Official with Kayla Kitts Photography

It’s true, these adorable couples have made it official and we get to make the announcement, thanks to Kayla Kitts Photography. Whether you want to announce your engagement with gorgeous photos in a natural setting like Tent Rocks, on the field at a baseball game or beside a soaring saguaro in Phoenix, Arizona, Kayla is your girl — she’s fun, natural and oh so talented.

Meet the couples who made it official with Kayla Kitts Photography!

Bryanna + Dustin

Tent Rocks National Monument, New Mexico


Celeste + Brandon

Baseball Field, Albuquerque, New Mexico


Erin + Zach

Phoenix, Arizona

Congratulations, all you love birds!

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Haute Downtown Engagement: Brooke + Mitch

Growing up in the Duke City it’s no surprise that Brooke would want to announce her engagement with photos from the heart of her city. Although our bustling metro is quite popular for engagement photos, no two shoots are ever alike — especially, with the different styles and personalities of every couple. As you can see, Brooke and Mitch are no exception!

And with a photographer like Maura Jane Photography, you can’t expect nothing less than photos that make you feel like you were a part of the crew. At the sight of these captivating images, the sound of traffic zooming by, the chatter of passerby as they look on in wonder and the shuttering of the camera beneath the orchestra of city life burst from every photo.

Starting out on the street of gold — Gold Avenue, that is — Maura snapped stunning photos of the pair against the pearly-white columns of the oh-so popular Occidental Life Building. As they explored the area hand in hand, Maura captured candid moments of the couple at the foreground of a cityscape rich with culture, making sure to stop at buildings strewed with street art and local favorites like Deep Space Coffee.

As they made their way to Route 66, their final stop was at the historic KiMo Theater, where Brooke and Mitch made arrangements to display their names overhead, announcing their engagement in style. If you can’t get enough of Brooke and Mitch, stay tuned for their stylish, haute pink wedding. Want a hint? The theme of their wedding: the fashion namesake of an iconic brand!

Brooke and Mitch met at the gym in Utah where they attend college. He proposed by cutting a diamond ring into a pumpkin to signify their second and most memorable date at a pumpkin patch. Brooke grew up in Albuquerque so she really wanted to display her love for her city and her hubby-to-be with a downtown engagement shoot.

While visiting her family for Christmas, Brooke and Mitch managed to squeeze their engagement session between wedding planning and the chaos of the holidays. We walked all around the bustling metro, exploring alleys and coffee shops and stopping in front of fun and unique buildings such as the KiMo Theater.

This sweet couple recently got married in Albuquerque at Noah’s Event Venue and we are so excited to share this gorgeous wedding with all of you!

— Maura, Maura Jane Photography

Photos by Maura Jane Photography

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Red Doc Farm Engagement {Manny + Melinda}

Located in Belen, New Mexico, about 35 miles south of Albuquerque, Red Doc Farm was the perfect location for Manny and Melinda’s picturesque engagement shoot. After all, this vast cattle ranch is where they first met. And as fellow kin of the farming and ranching community, announcing their engagement any other way would be downright unnatural.

Captured by Maura Jane Photography, with large green pastures and the famous sunset of the southwest landscape as their makeshift studio, their engagement shoot was picture perfect. And seeing how these two lovebirds look at each other, makes it obvious that they are head over heels. As you can see, these two are literally a match made in ranching heaven!

Manny and Melinda both grew up with the farm and ranching lifestyle and decided there was no better place to take their engagement pictures then at Red Doc Farm, where they met and fell in love. One special day Melinda’s dad asked Manny to go pick up some bales of hay he had left on the field at her grandparents farm. After some of the bales had been picked up Manny asked Melinda to check the tool box in the truck for some gloves. Upon opening the took box, Melinda found a bouquet of flowers inside. Confused, she asked everyone why her dad had flowers in the tool box. Manny took her hand and led her to the tailgate of the truck where he got down on one knee and asked her to be his wife. We are so excited to share their adorable engagement session! Congrats Manny and Melinda!

— Maura, Maura Jane Photography

Photos by Maura Jane Photography

Congratulations, Manny and Melinda! We can’t wait to see your wedding!

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Popular Locations for Engagement Photos in Albuquerque

Engagement photos are the perfect way to announce your engagement to your friends and family, while at the same time showing off your fiancé and, of course, your new ring! Aside from the obvious, however, it’s also a fitting way to provide a keepsake for your parents and a good source of photos for your wedding website.

However you decide to use your photos, you must start with the perfect location! With our picturesque sunsets and urban landscapes, Albuquerque is full of places with the perfect scenery for a photo shoot. From the cityscape of downtown to the canopy of cottonwoods hovering over the Rio Grande, we’ve compiled a list of the most popular places for engagement sessions in the 505!


With old adobe buildings and colorful southwest details, you can’t go wrong with the traditional New Mexico scenery of Old Town — the perfect setting for vibrant photos!

Maura Jane Photography

Old Town Photos Via: Maura Jane Photography
Old Town Photos Via: Maura Jane Photography


From the Desert Conservatory and Sasebo Japanese Garden to the Rio Grande Heritage Farm, the Botanic Garden is the perfect choice for an assortment of engagement photos. If you decide to go this route, make sure to get a press pass at the ticket booth!

Maura Jane PhotographyMaura Jane PhotographyMaura Jane PhotographyMaura Jane Photography

Botanic Garden Photos Via: Maura Jane Photography
Botanic Garden Photos Via: Maura Jane Photography


Perhaps an organic landscape is what you prefer. With lush greenery in the spring and summer and yellow treetops at autumn, the Rio Grande bosque is a picturesque option for any time of year!

Bosque Photos
Bosque Photos


A hidden gem in the north valley of Albuquerque is Casa Rondeña Winery. The rolling vineyard welcomes you to the castle-like building with massive stonewalls and barrel rooms full of their legendary wine.

Casa Rondeña Photos Via:
Casa Rondeña Photos Via:


If you’re looking for an edgy, urban look, downtown Albuquerque is the obvious choice. Where modern architecture meets the industrial age, this adorable couple makes downtown look good!

Downtown Photos Via:
Downtown Photos Via:

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Let’s Get Mehried: Shams + Sharmin

Shams Mehri and Sharmin Dharas didn’t just get married, they got “mehried” — and they pulled out all the stops for their late August, multicultural shindig! From the proposal to the Nikah (wedding ceremony), it is obvious Shams and Sharmin have great taste and rich culture.

With a combined multicultural heritage — including Arab, African, Indian, Persian and Spanish — it is no surprise that their theme would follow suit, making for an explosion of ancient traditions, vibrant colors and, of course, delicious food!

Lucky for us, we get to partake of the magical journey that was the Mehri and Dharas wedding! But first, check out this adorable video of Shams’ romantic proposal to Sharmin in White Sands, New Mexico:

In preparation for the big day, the bride and her entourage got together for the traditional, prewedding rituals, such as the Mendhi Celebration, where the ladies were decked out with intricate henna designs by Fatima Visram, to symbolize joy, beauty and spiritual awakening.

photo-6photo-1photo-15photo-5photo-3Now that you’ve seen the pre wedding pics, just wait until you see the wedding! Sharmin knew exactly what she wanted for her big day — five, to be exact. Every detail was carefully planned and executed for this five-culture fusion, but it took a team of fantastic wedding professionals to make her dream a Hanif Jaffer Photography, LLCphoto-12photo-13photo-14

Congratulations, Shams and Sharmin!

Meet the professionals who helped make their dream a reality:

Venue: Casa Villa Rosa and Hyatt Regency Albuquerque  | Tent, Chairs and Dance Floor: Classic Party Rentals | Décor & Floral: Black Swan Events | Tables & Skirting: Eventful | Photography and Videography: Hanif Jaffer Photography, LLC | Catering: Family, Namaste, Hyatt Regency Albuquerque | Cake and Macaroons: Biadora Bakery | Hair: San Marle Salon | Entertainment: 505 Kahns, Erik and Phrank, Belly Dancers: Dawn Stradford and Majah Dphrepaulezz, National Institute of Flamenco | Henna: Fatima Visram | Invitations: G-Land | Sound and Lighting: Albuquerque Productions

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Capture your proposal with Bryan’s Photography

When that special someone finally pops the question, your reaction is going to be priceless. You are going to want to remember that moment and that feeling forever, so, here at Perfect Wedding Guide, we recommend finding a photographer who will capture your proposal flawlessly so you can enjoy it for years to come. Fortunately, you don’t need to look far to find great photography in New Mexico, and we know that Bryan’s Photography always does an incredible job. They recently photographed this surprise proposal and captured the best moments…

Beautiful shot of the ring…
They look so happy!
Can’t you just feel the love?

Now this couple can remember the excitement of their engagement for the rest of their lives.

If you want Bryan’s Photography to capture your surprise proposal, here are the details:

 Surprise Proposal Photography: $199.95 for up to 1 hour of photography at the romantic location of your choice. You will own the  print & online sharing rights to all of the photos that they take and they can help you plan the specifics of capturing the perfect proposal! Please call Bryan’s Photography at
Kudos to Bryan’s Photography for helping this couple’s dream engagement become a reality and a lasting memory.

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Shams + Sharmin {a fusion of 5 cultures: wedding sneak peak}

We have had the pleasure of getting to know this beautiful couple lately and am honored to share a sneak peak of their unique story and wedding taking place over 4 days in August 2016.

Bride: Dr. Sharmin Dharas, Groom: Shams Mehri

Wedding dates: August 24-28, 2016

“Our theme for our save the dates was to join the two cultures where we were born. My fiance was born in Kabul, Afghanistan so his mom sent me their traditional clothes as a gift to wear for the photo shoot at Casa Rondena Winery. The architecture at the winery really gave the image of us being in Afghanistan. I was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico and in order to depict the new Mexican flavor in our pictures we went the flamenco way and took pictures in Madrid New Mexico, Santa Fe New Mexico and Sandia mountains. Our photographer really knows how to capture the moment and is very familiar with our cultures! The wedding is a 5 day 8 event wedding that will include 5 different cultures that exhibit who we are and how we were raised. Its been tough but well worth the experience!”

afghan winerycasa rondena 1sandia save the date

Photographer:  Hanif Jaffer,

Check out their neat wedding website: