Bombshell Fitness: Where Your Bachelorette Party Needs To Be

Bombshell Fitness: Where Your Bachelorette Party Needs To Be

Ain't no party like a Bombshell Fitness party, 'cause a Bombshell Fitness party...accepts all bodies and bridal parties as beautiful and bountiful! And it doesn't stop, either. (Not as catchy as the original phrase, sure, but it's totally true, and that's what matters.) This past week, our amazing Social Media Maven, Keara, sat down with [...]

The Bach- The Ultimate Bachelorette Planning Tool

  If you have a large group of girlfriends, chances are you have attended a number of bachelorette parties, and they are starting to feel repetitive. Coming up with new and exciting themes can be a challenge. Luckily, our friends at the The Bach have tons of tips and tricks just for your. The Bach is an [...]

Fun Bachelorette Party Themes

Everyone looks forward to attending the bachelorette party before the wedding day. Adding a theme to the event spices up the typical bachelorette party, helps you forget the wedding planning for a minute, and makes for some pretty memorable stories and pictures! Here are eight fun bachelorette party themes and ideas for a great “girl’s [...]