Smallcakes, Big Hearts {Vendor Spotlight!}

Here at Perfect Wedding Guide, we don’t pick favorites when it comes to the incredible local wedding professionals in New Mexico. When every business contributes, in its own way, to the eclectic wedding market here in Albuquerque + Santa Fe, providing engaged couples with so many options for their big day… well, how could we?!

Actually, never mind. We can do it just like this: Smallcakes is our favorite cupcakery in New Mexico. 

Whew! Feels good to get that out in the open and, no, it doesn’t have anything to do with the fact that Smallcakes is the only team of bakers and makers in New Mexico who have specifically dedicated their talents to becoming cupcake experts. Although, that is a pretty good reason to love them, too.

Smallcakes: A Cupcakery is our favorite cupcakery in New Mexico because they actually do so much more than just cupcakes. Whatever you’ve previously believed about bakeries, cupcakes, wedding cakes, and the like — throw it out the window, because Smallcakes transcends all the customary boundaries. We’re not just talking your typical customization options, either.

Custom, handmade cookies? Check. Bachelorette parties? You got it. If that’s not enough for you either, they also do groom cakes — which we haven’t seen anywhere else — smash cakes, and gluten-free cakes. The best part too, is they have over 120 flavor choices for you to taste, delight in, and choose from.

Oh, and get this. Did you know that if you order your sweet treats from Smallcakes for your wedding day, you’ll also receive a complimentary couple’s cake for your one year anniversary?! There. Your anniversary dinner is already taken care of for you.

The team at Smallcakes: A Cupcakery is ceaselessly working to improve and elevate the wedding community here in Albuquerque and Santa Fe, so yes. They are our favorite cupcakery. This might be controversial to some, but with the flavors, fun, and friendly faces, how could they not be?

To schedule a tasting for your custom wedding sweets, you can contact Smallcakes: A Cupcakery here.


Sweet Wedding Cake Advice From The Cake Boutique

Choosing your wedding cake has got to be one of the most fun (and delicious!) wedding planning tasks to check off of your to-do list. However, with so many recent wedding cake trends it is difficult to know where to start. Local wedding cake expert Birdie Mathis with The Cake Boutique recently sat down with us at The Perfect Wedding Guide to share her advice and words of wisdom with brides and grooms who are searching for their perfect wedding cake. Here is her insightful interview into the world of wedding cakes:

Photo Credit: The Cake Boutique
Photo Credit: The Cake Boutique

Perfect Wedding Guide: As a leader in the local wedding cake industry, what would be your advice to brides and grooms just starting to research bakeries to find their perfect wedding cake?

The Cake Boutique: The best advice I can give to those blushing brides is to prioritize where the wedding cake will fit in to her perfect day.  Hopefully she can then create a budget for what she would like to spend on the cake.  For example, if flowers are not high on the list of where she wants to make the most lasting impression from her day, she can then allocate fewer funds towards the purchasing of flowers to allow her more design options for her wedding cake.  This way she shouldn’t have to “settle” for a cake design because her money went towards flowers that weren’t as important to her.

Photo Credit: The Cake Boutique
Photo Credit: The Cake Boutique

PWG: Please tell us a little more about The Cake Boutique. How long have you been in business here in Albuquerque?

The Cake Boutique: The Cake Boutique will officially be in business 1 whole year on May 6th.  Although the business itself is new, Monica and I collectively have been decorating cakes well over 20+ years. We provide wedding cakes, cupcakes, cookies, or almost any type of custom cake imaginable.

Photo Credit: The Cake Boutique
Photo Credit: The Cake Boutique

PWG: In your professional opinion, what do you believe are going to be the big wedding cake trends for 2014?

The Cake Boutique: I believe the trend that will take off in the coming years is a smaller wedding cake for the bride and groom, and individual cakes as the centerpiece for guest tables allowing the guests to serve themselves as well as sample and trade different cake flavors from one table to the next.

PWG: We have heard about your fantastic new program called “Dancing Off Dollars”. Can you tell our readers a little more about it?

The Cake Boutique: I am also a Jazzercise aerobic instructor, and we have teamed up with the local Jazzercise centers to promote a program called “Dancing Off Dollars.”  Our offer is $5.00 off the total cost of their wedding cake for every pound the bride loses 3 months or more, prior to her wedding.   The center I teach at will give the brides who would like to participate a discount membership rate and no joining fee for booking their wedding cake at The Cake Boutique. Please tell your readers to give me a call if they would like more information about “Dancing Off Dollars”!

Photo Credit: The Cake Boutique
Photo Credit: The Cake Boutique

PWG: Do you have any additional words of wisdom for our brides and grooms when it comes to choosing their wedding cake?

The Cake Boutique: My words of wisdom for brides out there would be to just be a little bit selfish when planning her wedding.  I’ve met with so many brides who get caught up in trying to please all of the different people in their lives when it comes to making the final choices for their day.  Trying to consider everyone else’s thoughts and opinions when it comes down to what will be right for them will only lead to undue stress.

Photo Credit: The Cake Boutique
Photo Credit: The Cake Boutique

The Cake Boutique

(505) 833-1170

 3250 Coors Blvd. NW Ste C, Albuquerque, NM 87120

Thank you so much, Birdie, for your sweet words of wisdom!

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