Whimsical Wedding from Lauren Cherie Photography’s Instagram Takeover

Whimsical Wedding from Lauren Cherie Photography’s Instagram Takeover

Did you know social media has actually been around for 40 years!? Whew, I didn't. It seems like Facebook and Instagram just came out of nowhere and took the world by storm, like, a decade ago! Growing so fast, now it's hard to imagine a life and even a world without social media. And we're [...]

Wedding Photography Secrets Exposed!

Wedding photography - five things to consider If there's one thing a girl planning a wedding should not be frugal about, it's her wedding photographer. While a marital celebration is over in a few hours, images from the affair last a lifetime. Luckily, one professional gave his two-cents on how girls can find a wedding [...]

Selecting Your Wedding Photography Style

Your wedding day will be over and done in an instant - the flood of emotions, romance and stress, assures that. One lasting reminder of your event will, of course, be your wedding photographs. The key to taking fabulous wedding photos is finding aprofessional photographer who understands the various wedding photography techniques and can offer ideas [...]