TREND ALERT! Bespoke Suits by Suits Unlimited

In 2016 weddings are ALL about making the celebration completely custom and personalizing the aesthetic down to the very last detail…and now I am BEYOND excited to announce that it continues… with completely custom wedding tuxedos, wedding suits, dinner jackets and dress shirts. Yes ladies + gents…. it’s time from the Groom to get in on the shine and take advantage of some much needed TLC! This one goes out to all our handsome men out there and is  brought to you by one of New Mexico’s industry leaders in men’s fashion and formal wear, Ashley Kerns of Suits Unlimited: Here’s what she had to say about this sweet new trend.

Suits Unlimited is known for our menswear and especially our formal wear.  We have helped hundreds of weddings achieve their menswear style for their big day.Whether it’s classic tuxedos, or suits for the wedding party to purchase, we have always tried to make the best options available for our clients.This leads us to happily announce a new service for brides and grooms: custom suits, tuxedos, and dress shirts.

We have found an incredible vendor to work with to help clients achieve their dream menswear.  This service comes with a higher price tag but it’s clothing that is made to your every measurement, styled to your request, and can be built on a virtual mannequin on our iPads for your approval. We can even send the looks you have chosen if you are undecided via email.  Styles are kept conveniently in your inbox for when you’re ready.   

Our clothing professionals can measure you to a “T” for your specific body type. There are hundreds of swatches of colors and patterns to choose from in jackets, pants, entire suits, and dress shirts.  Detailed options include everything from picking your own buttons, color of thread for each button hole or lining of the jacket, down to the type of cuff and collar on a dress shirt.


A big hang up in ordering custom wear was waiting to find out if certain fabrics were still available.  In most cases it would take a few days to find out if the fabric you chose was on the chopping block. Now, we have real time inventory where we can tell you immediately if a swatch or style is available.

Custom used to also take a while to be completed, but what used to take a few months now takes just under 4 weeks to create a custom suit.  The service is even faster for dress shirts.  After custom garments are complete and ship in, we do a final fitting to make sure everything fits perfectly.  If something still needs a little adjusting, our tailoring department is on site so we can quickly to ensure the best fit.

We hope brides and grooms can look at this as an option for their wedding day.  Again, it’s a higher price tag for bespoke clothing but if it’s viewed as an investment piece and something they will cherish for years to come, it can be well worth it.  Every wedding is different, shouldn’t the clothing be too?        

Well you heard it here first folks… now let’s just sit back and watch all of our dapper grooms light up our INSTA feeds with their amazing, completely custom suits! I went searching for some of my fave Bespoke looks… check them out below:

via gentlemansbespoke on insta



OH! And be sure to go visit our friends at Suits Unlimited and tell them the PWG crew sent you. We recommend their team and services.every.single.time.

Get in touch with the Suits Unlimited Team!

(505) 883-1060 |  5406 Menaul NE  Albuquerque, NM 87110


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Motivational Monday with Daniel + Jolie Rocha of RocBody Fitness

Hello Ladies + Gents, Happy Monday!

Are you ready to come out of winter hibernation and enjoy this beautiful weather to the fullest?  I know that I personally have a little work to do before bikini season and I feel like a lot of us are in the same boat as far as looking as good as we feel on the inside… especially so when you are planning a wedding. I think in this day and age, with how fast paced everything is, how busy we are and how little healthy options are made available to us in the rise of fast food nation, it can truly feel like an uphill battle. Well I feel you girl and you are NOT alone. One of the best things I have done was to subscribe to Daniel + Jolie’s email list and every Monday,  I swear they are reading my mind, because something beyond inspirational will come through- like the below gem in regards to carbs and what to consider. This last week I have been drastically cutting carbs from my diet as a last ditch effort to shed some pounds before my approaching beach vaca {which you may or may not be doing in preparation for your big day} but this email helped me put everything back into perspective.

While I think for me a low carb diet is what works well, after reading this short article,  I am going to work on taking a good look at the types of carbs I was eating,  introducing good carbs back into my diet and increasing my physical activity. Thank goodness for the RocBody Fitness Team!

Are carbs making you fat? By Daniel + Jolie Rocha of RocBody Fitness


While we all have different tolerances to carbohydrates, you must apply context to a diet when deciding if it’s going to help you lose fat or not. Things like:

. Total calorie intake throughout the day and week

. Quality of food you’re eating

. Training volume/frequency/intensity

. Composition of diet i.e. protein, fats, carbs and fiber

These are some of the key points to consider when looking at your diet in relation to losing fat.

The reality is carbs in isolation cannot be blamed for you gaining body fat or failing to lose fat. They are one of several variables which all contribute towards your progress. If you’re over eating carbs then yes, you’ll gain fat and develop a level of insulin resistance over time. However, that’s a combination of things rather than carbs alone. If you use carbohydrates correctly you should accelerate your fat loss and preserve your long term ability to burn fat.

How do carbs aid in fat loss?

With a structured diet, carbohydrates will help keep your metabolism firing and help avoid you hitting plateaus which ultimately lead to stubborn fat loss. This is because carbohydrates influence your thyroid activity, which governs your metabolic rate. Therefore by removing them, your metabolism is more likely to slow down much quicker, which is not good for fat loss!!

Carbohydrates also help protect your lean muscle tissue which again has a direct correlation to your metabolic rate. The more muscle you can protect whilst in a calorie deficit (which you need to be in to lose fat) the higher your metabolic rate will be.

This is why it’s crucial that you acknowledge nutrition needs context and you cannot blame one thing. Carbs are often unfairly blamed for people’s weight gain, as where in reality they are often not to blame.

Please also check out Daniel’s book. The information contained in its  pages will guide you on how to properly set up low carb, higher fat diet without any problems. Purchase your copy here.

Spring is quickly approaching! Get a jump start on your fitness goals! We’re offering 35% OFF on in-gym training! Get started on your program today on our website at

Sincerely, Daniel and Jolie Rocha
RocBodyFitness, LLC

Please, if you are on a journey to weight loss in preparation for your wedding or just want an overall healthier lifestyle in general, subscribe to their mailing list here or give them a call. You will not be sorry,  this team is seriously so inspiring. For more on everything wedding + wedding planning visit us at 

Renee + Jerod { Bold Urban-Chic Rooftop Elopement}

What would you do if your wedding photographer stood you up on your wedding day? Unfortunately our next couple experienced this true life wedding nightmare first hand and holy cow, I am getting a rash just thinking about it!  Lucky for them a couple years down the road they became good friends with one of the top wedding planners in Albuquerque, NM- Alena of Alena Swanson LLCRenee often discussed what she “wished their wedding would have been”, and Alena listened. Incorporating their original wedding colors of pink, cream and white, she was inspired to gather the best wedding pros in ABQ and create their dream wedding elopement shoot. This shoot was a total surprise to the model bride, who only found out days before.

From the planner, Alena:  “Using an ombre of pink and rose gold, the bling, glitter and boldness of black reflect their classy but quirky personalities. Together, they love books and reading; and every detail reflects this as well, through scrabble tiles, ampersands, and stacked book centerpieces– all the bride’s favorite things!

To get just the right color, every detail was hand crafted by wedding pros, from her pink hair to her glittery heels. The pros were so thoughtful in remaking their dream wedding- they are even eating pink strawberry cake! This unique couple loves the rare and unusual, yet beautiful things in life, so I kept this in mind when choosing pink ginger flowers, the industrial location, rose gold jewelry, and a blush wedding dress.

This type of stylized shoot sincerely emulates the spirit of the wedding industry as we bless others on their special day and do our best to go above and beyond.”

The joy of this once in a lifetime experience is real in these stunning photos, a huge thanks to  Emily Joanne Wedding Films & Photography


The amazing wedding professionals responsible for pulling this gorgeous celebration full circle.

Coordination: Alena Swanson, LLC Wedding & Event Planning

Photography & Film: Emily Joanne Wedding Films & Photography

Venue: The Banque Lofts

Beauty Professional: C. Johnson Makeup

Rentals: Classic Events + Tent Rentals

Dessert: New Mexico Pie Company  +  The Cake Boutique

Bridal Attire: Bridal Elegance by Darlene

Formalwear: Suits Unlimited

Floral Design: Something Special with Flowers

Print Products: Differently Designed

Jewelry: Shelton Jewelers

Music & Entertainment: Dream Factory Productions

And that ladies and gents, is how you properly celebrate a lifetime of love and this gorgeous couple deserves it all!  For more on everything wedding and wedding planning visit,

The 8th Day of August {Alisha + Jonathan’s Magical Villa Hispana Wedding}

Weddings are absolutely GUSHING with emotion and once-in-a-lifetime moments, so much so that you always hear from newlyweds that their day flew by like a dream, a blur of pure happiness. This is exactly why we here at the PWG, firmly believe in the importance of hiring a skilled videographer to capture all of the small details of your momentous occasion.

Alisha + Jonathan were incredibly smart to enlist Brad Tillotson, owner of     A Contrast In Light, LLC to capture their day. I say this because everything I have ever seen him produce has been done with an incredible amount of thought and detail. Cinematography is NOT Brad’s job, it’s his passion and you can feel it through his work. If you asked Alisha + Jonathan today if they are glad they invested in this service, I bet their answer would be a million times YES! Grab your tissues and check out their incredibly sweet + special day below.

The Wedding of Alisha + Jonathan. 

From the videographer: Brad, Owner of A Contrast in Light LLC : Every day the sunrises and on this 8th day of August, I awoke early to get this particular one. There will never be a sunrise like it ever again and I want the couple to be able to see it. I want this day to blow the couple’s minds away. I get nervous every wedding and call me old fashioned but, I pray for the bride, groom and their families and for the vendors working to make this day extraordinary for them. It takes 20 minutes for the sun to peak out wherever I am shooting and after that… IT’S GO TIME!

This day, in particular, turned out to be an analogy for this life and I wanted to show it in a unique way.  I am all about the journey and telling a story if I can. That’s what engages me and gets my mind on fire but, some things are just out of our control in life. You have plans and hopes and things can change on a dime. On this beautiful day a monsoon swept over the venue and made a mess of things. Everything ran late and everyone was worried about the bride and groom. But, if you look carefully through the storm there was amazing beauty in it. A drop of water on a leaf, water falling from the sky over a lamp post is quite beautiful indeed and I was going to show them how amazingly gorgeous this day truly was. Finally, the storm left, the air was refreshed and everyone was able to celebrate this amazing couple. What I saw was unbelievable. The amazement of new love, the tunnel vision and giddiness of uniting as a team. I was blown away!

From the couple: “Our wedding day turned out to be more magical than we ever imagined it could be. Everything from the smallest details on the tables to our last dance was perfect! We thought the day had taken a turn for the worst when it started pouring, but it ended up making the day more memorable and special. All of our vendors did an amazing job and we feel like we got the absolute best from each one. We couldn’t be more pleased with how our special day turned out.”

More amazing professionals that helped pull this celebration full circle:

Photography: Sweet William Photography

Desserts: NM Pie Company

Coordination: Creative Encore Events

Venue: Expo NM- Villa Hispana

Floral Designs:  Enchanted Garden

Catering:  Mon Amis Personal Chefs

Harpist:  Sandi Ludescher, Ya Gotta Have Harp

Live band: Bandalegre

Get in touch with A Contrast in Light LLC!

Bonus Clip! Check out the behind the scenes editing enthusiasm [We love this!]


Let the fireworks begin! {Happy Fourth of July}

Today is the perfect day to celebrate freedom, friends, family, sweet-sweet summer time and some seriously chic engagements + weddings with American style!

Read on and enjoy some patriotic inspiration and remember, whatever you are planning for your wedding don’t hold back,  take note from the examples below and execute your theme impeccably.

via Kailey Rae Photography
via Style Me Pretty
via A Diary of lovely Image: Ruth Ritter Photography
via The Knot Image Jeanne Mitchum Photography
ruffled_ JULIE LIM PHOTOGRAPHER_fourthofjuly
via Ruffled Image: Julie Lim Photography


via The Knot
via Elizabeth Anne Designs
ruffled_JULIE LIM PHOTOGRAPHER_fourthofjuly
via Ruffled Image: Julie Lim Photography
Via Engaged and Inspired
via Engaged and Inspired


Wishing you all a very safe 4th with besties, family  +  your man by your side, full bellies, delicious drinks in hand, and  a never ending supply of sparklers!  Happy 4th of July!

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Emily Joanne Wedding Films & Photography { A Special Thank You!}

It has been such a treat for us to pull in Seiji Okamoto of Emily Joanne Wedding Films & Photography to produce the highlight videos for our past three wedding events. Seiji’s artistic eye and astounding editing skills have a way of bringing so much life to the events we work hard on throughout the year.  He has made it possible for us to relive our favorite wedding show moments and man does he make us look good! We can only imagine what kind of joy the Emily Joanne team brings to countless Brides and Grooms.

Check out some of their recent work here

We are excited to finally unveil the highlight video from our February 22, 2015 Diamond Dash Wedding show where we were also able to touch on and  introduce our upcoming Bride’s Night Out- Boutique Wedding Shows!

Thanks to our sponsors! Bridal Elegance by Darlene, Mr. Tux Formalwear, Embassy Suites Hotel & Spa, Bliss Salon & Spa, Cake Fetish, The Diamond Supplier, New Mexico Wedding Professionals, King Mobile Music, Bravo Alpha Events, Charlotte’s Flowers, Celebrity China & Crystal,  and Kevin’s Photography. Video produced and created by Seiji Okamoto of Emily Joanne Wedding Films & Photography.

{August 2014 Madly in Love Bridal Brunch:Video produced and created by Seiji Okamoto of Emily Joanne Wedding Films & Photography.}

{November 16 Diamond Dash Wedding Show: Video produced and created by Seiji Okamoto of Emily Joanne Wedding Films & Photography.}

Thanks again to Seiji and the Emily Joanne team for working with us and we are looking forward to many more years of collaboration!

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Get out of here winter, we are so over it! Spring is among us and in honor of this glorious season {and Easter weekend full of chocolate}  I’ve gathered some spring-time wedding eye candy for you to gush over. Lets ring in the season of pretty petals, bountiful blooms and some of the most beautiful weddings of the year.  Happy Easter and as always, happy planning from the PWG!
via {Using a re-purposed fork as a table number stand is pure genius!}
via {Individual fresh fruit cones!}
via {Lavender lemonade!}
via {Those peonies!}
via {Absolutely love this!}

Again, please have a lovely Easter and for more on everything wedding and wedding planning visit!