Everything You Need to Know About Wedding Flowers

With 2020 approaching and new wedding trends making their way into the spotlight, we are seeing a shift in traditions. More and more couples are choosing to find unconventional wedding venues, from coffee shops to their own backyards, and we dig it. The possibilities are truly endless! However, there are some wedding traditions that never seem to change, one of them being a fan favorite–wedding flowers.

Your wedding day is getting nearer and nearer and we get it, everything seems to be hitting you all at once. We’re here to help ease that tension and make wedding planning an enjoyable experience. When it comes to floral arrangements, planning is really easy. There are so many options for wedding flowers out there and sometimes it can be a little overwhelming–but it is actually a blessing in disguise. The Perfect Wedding Guide team has spent years working with the best florists in New Mexico, and in doing so, we’ve learned a lot of insider secrets to help out our local couples. Whether you are looking for a environmentally friendly option for your wedding day, or want to design your wedding venue to look like a floral wonderland, our local wedding florists can do it all.

We thought that we would give you a little guide to finding the right flower options for your wedding, because we are your guide to a perfect wedding after all. Plus, we have included some of our favorite local vendors for your convenience. Who knows, maybe today is the day that you book your new floral bestie!

Getting started + planning it all out

The first step in booking a florist is taking into consideration your color palette, the season, and the flower type. Here are some tips:

Colors | Think about your accessories and your bridesmaids! Are they wearing pastels? Or is it more of a moody wedding with maroons and navy blues? Choose colors that compliment your wardrobe and the decor, or choose colors that are complete opposite to create contrast. Be bold and have fun with this part!

A classic white rose bouquet to compliment the white gown. Bouquet by Albuquerque Florist || Briana Nicole Photography
An elegant + moody rose and succulent arrangement. Bouquet by Arranged Elegance || Fender Photography
Vibrant jewel tones + pops of contrasting colors that look incredible together. Bouquet by Estella Floral Design || via Estella Floral Design

Season | There are some flowers that are only available seasonally, so you want to make sure that the flowers you have your eye on are going to work with your wedding date. It is possible, though, to find a flower out of season, it might take a little more effort as a result. We want to help you make picking out your flowers as smooth as possible, so we suggest you take into consideration all of the options available to you ahead of time. Choose colors that compliment the season, from springtime pinks to winter blues.

Lovely pastel + succulent arrangement for the warmer seasons. Bouquet by Albuquerque Florist || Lauren Cherie Photography
A stunning bouquet with a focus on seasonal sunflowers. Bouquet by Estella Floral Design || via Estella Floral Design
The most charming holiday floral arrangement with an ornament. Arrangement by Bosque Flower Studio || via Bosque Flower Studio

Flower Type | We have a quite a few options now when it comes to preserving wedding day flowers. Everyone loves a good living flower that smells fresh and can be pressed and saved for years to come, but there is another option that we have been loving lately–silk flowers. We get to see plenty of real and artificial flowers in the wedding business and we’re gonna tell you a secret… we can’t tell the difference most of the time. They are all SO lovely.

Flawless silk floral arrangement with embellishments. Bouquet by Charlotte’s Flowers || T. Rayne Photography
A wide variety of gorgeous flowers. Arrangement by Flowers and Things || Via Flowers and Things
A centerpiece with just a pop of color and mostly focused on leaves and embellishments. Arrangement by Bosque Flower Studio || Kayla Kitts Photography

Perks of hiring a wedding florist

They are the experts. They have years of experience in this business and know just exactly what flowers compliment other flowers and embellishments. The styling and arranging is like second nature to these wedding professionals! When the big day comes, you don’t have to worry about anything going wrong because you chose someone who was dedicated specifically to making your perfect arrangements happen.

You can relax. All of the “doing” and “making” is done by the pros, so you get to focus on the other details of your wedding. Although it might be fun to gather up your gal and guy pals and create an assembly line of matching, cutting, and trimming, it’s not for everyone. Take some time for yourself and let a dedicated florist do what they do best. You won’t regret it!

You can be silly and make your wildest dreams come true. Like we said earlier, anything is possible. We mean it! The best thing about hiring a florist is that they are there to help you develop and carry out your vision–even if it means creating flower crowns for you, your bridesmaids, AND your furry friend.

A flower crown made specially for your best friend. Made by Charlotte’s Flowers || Maura Jane Photography

Want to see a list of our fave florists that take flower power to a whole new level? Check them out here!

Choosing Seasonal Flowers for your Wedding

Spring has sprung, it’s true! And for you lucky engaged couples who are getting married this season, you’ve got a lot of choices for flowers. For every other couple though… the big day is still in its planning phases, and you might be wringing your hands trying to figure out what fresh florals you can incorporate into your wedding. So we did a little research for you! Because, let’s be real, you have enough on your plate.

Compiled below are the top three flowers that are in season for each of the other, well, seasons! As a little bonus too, we included samples from some of Albuquerque + Santa Fe’s finest vendors in the business of blossoms and bouquets.

{Plus, if you’re not into any of these seasonal delights, there’s a life hack you might not know about to get sensational stems any time of year — scroll on!}





images via Shutterstock + Fifty Flowers

From left to right: Poppies, zinnias, and sunflowers. It’s no wonder summer weddings are so popular! With these bad boys in season, it’d be pretty hard to not have a stunning bouquet.

Luckily, there’s tons of greenery in season during summer too. So you can fluff up your bouquet with delicate additions like Queen Anne’s lace, yarrow, or solidago.


Perfect Wedding Guide wedding planning design inspiration budget floral bouquet arrangement New Mexico Albuquerque greenery Santa Fe flowers natural organic local spring lilies calla lily traditional white green pink rose purple
{gorgeous summer bouquet from Albuquerque Florist}





images via Shutterstock + Fifty Flowers

From left to right: rose, calla lily, orange gerbera. Ah, autumn. Not traditionally known for its blooming, but the colors are undeniable. Splashes of orange, red, and yellow in your bouquet add depth to any arrangement, and pay homage to the beautiful time of year. Pretty easy to do with these guys in season!


Perfect Wedding Guide wedding planning design inspiration budget floral bouquet arrangement New Mexico Albuquerque greenery Santa Fe flowers natural organic local traditional rose pearl dusty stem lace greenery pink gold
{And if you’re going for more of a muted palette, there’s a rose for every shade. At least there is when you choose Arranged Elegance!}




images via Shutterstock + Fifty Flowers

From left to right: carnations, star of Bethlehem, tulips. Personally, I don’t believe there’s any wrong way to do a winter bouquet. Recalling the warmth of the rest of the year, any little bloom is sure to dazzle.

Greenery is still abundant during the colder months too, why not get a little creative with it? Pull down a branch from that juniper tree in your front yard! Or better yet, let your florist choose which evergreen stalk to add. After all, they do know what they’re doing.

Perfect Wedding Guide wedding planning design inspiration budget floral bouquet arrangement New Mexico Albuquerque greenery Santa Fe flowers natural organic local unique greenery herb seed pod leafs rose blue pink
{Dusty shades + seed pods are the perfect supplements, as you can see from this bunch from Albuquerque Florist.}


A promise was made at the beginning of this post to reveal one of the tip top secrets wedding vendors, photographers, designers alike employ for styled shoots and wedding days. So here it is:


Silk flowers.

Confined by no season or place, long-lasting silk flowers are not only budget-friendly, reusable {environmentally friendly? Perhaps!}, and stunning, but we promise your guests won’t notice the difference.

Just ask Albuquerque + Santa Fe’s silk flower expert, Charlotte, of Charlotte’s Flowers. She even encourages couples to reuse the floral arrangements for home decor after the fact. It really doesn’t get better than that.


These are just a few of Charlotte’s incredible silk flowers in action, from one of our all-time favorite weddings.

To book Charlotte’s Flowers for your wedding, you can contact her here.


Perfect Wedding Guide wedding planning design inspiration budget floral bouquet arrangement New Mexico Albuquerque greenery Santa Fe flowers natural organic local

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