2018 Wedding Trend: Live Music

2018 Wedding Trend: Live Music

Have you heard, bride-to-be? Tides are shifting in the world of weddings! The budget-friendly option of preset playlists and iPods on shuffle for reception music were all the rage for a little while there, but it’s time to hang up the aux cord. Live, professional music is back in style! {Though in our opinion, it never really left.}

It’s no wonder either, especially here in New Mexico, where there are so many options for brides who want a genuine, authentic experience for their wedding day. Luckily too, the variety of choices available mean you don’t have to break the bank to switch out your brother-in-law’s Spotify playlist for the ever-romantic option of a live musician.

No need to feel overwhelmed by the smorgasbord of individuals that are here to make your celebration unforgettable this wedding season. We picked three amazing musicians that are local and ready for you to book for your wedding, because we love you.

From guitar, to harp, to full band, it’s hard to choose our favorite live musicians from Albuquerque + Santa Fe, but luckily we don’t have to. The reputation of these talented artists speaks for themselves. {It’s no surprise they all have 5-star reviews on Perfect Wedding Guide!}


Ryan Smith, of Cello for Weddings

is the perfect fit if you’re looking to add an unparalleled touch of elegance to your ceremony or reception. Not only does he offer traditional wedding music, but also pop, rock, acoustic, soundtrack/classical, country, folk, motown, and oldies! Even custom arrangements, if your heart should so desire. Does it get better than that?

Book him here!

Absolute Entertainment

Absolute Entertainment‘s own band Soulstice,

has been voted as Santa Fe’s leading event band by brides. And of course they have! Graceful or groovy, the band plays everything from cross-generational classics to today’s hits. Whatever vibe {or vibes!} you choose, Soulstice delivers above and beyond expectations every time.

Book Soulstice here!

Last, but very certainly not least,


Sandi Ludescher, Albuquerque’s favorite Harpist

has graced couples with her delightful music, and several of our events too, since 2005. With a broad range of available compositions, there’s a spot in every celebration for her harp! {Highly customizable as well, Sandi once played my favorite Simon & Garfunkel song for me on her harp — it was unforgettable!}

Book Sandi here!


Want more?

You can find local musicians, bands, and DJs available for your wedding here!

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Ya Gotta Have Harp!

Have you ever been to a wedding where they played music from an old boom box!? I have been to a few. Sadly, it never sounds very good and it’s a bit tacky. Unfortunately, so many skimp on this detail of their wedding and I want to urge you not to do the same! Surely, there are other ways to save money…

You may not be aware of the many options available to you when it comes to ceremony music, but we are here to help. If you’re planning your wedding, a harp is probably not the first thing you think of, but one listen and you’ll be hooked! Ya Gotta Have Harp is the clear option for classy ceremony music this side of the Mississippi.

Sandi Ludescher, owner of Ya Gotta Have Harp, has been playing the harp for almost 25 years and has been performing full time since 2005. I recently had the pleasure of listening to this lovely lady in person and I must say, her love for playing the harp seeps through in every note! And as she serenaded us,  it wasn’t long before I found myself in a trance.

Aside from their beautiful sound, however, they are downright romantic. And let’s face it, having a harp at your wedding will not only calm your nerves, but it is super classy and your guests will love it! Best of all, Sandi is affordable, flexible and can play a wide variety of tunes to suit the traditions of your wedding day or any special occasion.

To be serenaded by Sandi’s mad harp-playing skills, GIVE A LISTEN HERE!

Don’t wait to contact Sandi for your wedding, it won’t be long before she’s booked for the season!

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Be careful when choosing your wedding ceremony music

Most brides who are hoping to get hitched at a non-traditional affair often want to pick unique wedding ceremony music. You can only hear Wagner’s Wedding March so many times in your life! 

According to Glamour.com, brides should be careful when choosing songs to strut their stuff down the aisle. And, their first point of advice is to pick tunes that fit your instrumentalists well.

“Nontraditional songs can sound great on the instruments you’d least expect to play them (I once heard a harpist do ‘Something,’ by The Beatles, flawlessly!), or they can have the opposite effect,” the news source reports.

Also, women planning a wedding should be sure to give their musicians the pieces way ahead of time. That way, they can make sure what they play is perfect for your big day.

“If you’re short on time or they’re not willing to rehearse more than once, choose tunes in their repertoire. If not, their version of the song will be far from ideal,” an expert at the news outlet advised.

Contemporary Wedding Music

For the contemporary couple, “traditional” wedding music no longer promotes the atmosphere that they are aiming to create. Increasing numbers of soon to be newlyweds seek a vibe that is personalized and fresh. If you are looking for a way to express your chic side while adding a modern detail to your ceremony, why not add show some flare by choosing contemporary wedding ceremony music that is unique to you! Stimulate your guests upon their welcoming with fabulous prelude music. Here are a few suggestions for the moments just before you walk down the aisle, setting the mood for your wedding ceremony:

Prelude Music

“The Way I Am” – Ingrid Michaelson , “Only You”- Joshua Radin,  “Reasons to Love You”- Meiko, “Falling Slowly”- Glen Hansard & Marketa Irglova

 The wedding party music and your grand entrance tune should relay a special heartfelt message to your family and friends. Any of the choices below will promote the sensation of true love, and will move them with emotion:

Processional Music

“Fly”- Sarah Groves,  “Make You Feel My Love”- Adele,  “Let it Be Me”- Rosie Thomas,  “My Love for You is Real” – Ryan Adams,  “Lay Your Head Down”- Keren Ann

 Once you’ve said your vows you’ll be ready to skip down that aisle with your groom on your arm, so choosing the perfect recessional music is so important! Here are a few options to help you share your joy with your guests:

 Recessional Music

“I’m Yours”- Jason Mraz, “Beautiful Day”- U2,  “Bittersweet Symphony”- The Verve

 (For a contemporary twist, have either of these two options below sung by a gospel choir)

 “Oh Happy Day” – The Edwin Hawkins Singers, “All You Need is Love” – The Beatles