Where Are They Now? {Celeste + Brandon}

You might remember Celeste + Brandon from this blog post a couple weeks ago. You know, the love so gorgeous and devoted this blogger was crying over it? Their wedding, which was last October, tugged at our heartstrings in a really special way. Yes, yes — we do love all married and engaged couples, but something about Celeste + Brandon’s celebration inspired us.

Which is why we decided to catch up with them! We love when our local vendors share special days with us, but…We’ve always wondered how the beautiful couples from our posts fair after the whirlwind of a wedding day settles down. Now we don’t have to! Celeste + Brandon motivated us to reach out to our local couples and ask: Where Are You Now? 


Where Are They Now? {Celeste + Brandon}

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Wedding Photo: Kayla Kitts Photography


I will never forget the day we met. We met at a baseball game in the town I was attending college. He happened to show up too and there wasn’t a huge crowd. So we sat by each other in the warm March day. I was there to watch the cute guys, he was there for the baseball. I pretended to understand what was happening and he probably knew that I had no clue! But he stuck around until the end of the game with me, even though I had felt my legs burning in the sunshine, I didn’t want to part with him yet. I asked him over to play with my dog and my dog immediately loved him. That’s when I knew he was different. He made me laugh and feel beautiful from the moment we met. I’ll never forget the feeling of butterflies and couldn’t stop smiling. It was worth the sunburn!


Celeste and Brandon have cozied right up to life as a married couple. In the spirit of equality and love, so clearly seen in their wedding day, they split the day-to-day responsibilities of their lives together right down the middle. {Taking turns cooking and doing the dishes, with Celeste usually doing the laundry, and Brandon usually taking out the trash.} Full of respect for each other!

For the fun stuff: every day feels like a celebration now that they’re married! But still, getting out of the routine is healthy. Their favorite married-life tradition is going out on the town together a few times a month. Sometimes just to a movie — what matters is getting dressed up, getting out, and getting to enjoy each other’s company!

Celeste and Brandon made a fun trip up to Colorado recently, for a wedding nonetheless! “It was so fun to watch others tie the knot and be so happy on their big day. We reminisced of our own big day and loved just being able to be together to enjoy this amazing adventure with others!!” Celeste says. 

No major life changes have ricocheted through their life together yet, but emphasis on yet. They’re moving to a different state soon, and buying their first house together! New Mexico will be sad to see them go, but we’re grateful to have had them here this long.

Thank you to you both for sharing your wedding day, post-vows life, and for spreading love wherever you go!

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Engagement Photo: Cristy Cross Photography

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Sneak Peak- Going to the Chapel featuring National Hispanic Cultural Center and Prairie Star


Our goal with the Going to the Chapel feature is to give brides the essential, pertinent, information about wedding ceremony locations throughout Albuquerque and Santa Fe.  After all the first big task of wedding planning  is to secure your dream venue! Here is a sneak peak of a couple of our inclusions that you can expect to see in the next issue of the Perfect Wedding Guide hitting the streets in late November.


Click on the above image to see it larger in another window. 

We encourage you to really figure out the finer details, like how many guests you plan to invite and what location will work best for traveling guests and family and then figure out what venue will accommodate your wedding in the best way. Check out each of their PWG web profile’s by clicking the below links!

Stay tuned for more sneak peaks of our features! For more on everything wedding and wedding planning, visit PerfectWeddingGuide.com 

Planning an outdoor wedding? Have a Plan B

Lots of brides dream of saying “I do” outdoors in the fresh air and sunshine, but deciding to have your wedding outside can be nerve-wracking. What if the weather doesn’t cooperate? What if it rains?

The answer, Amy T. Wiegand of Carolina Bride writes for The Charlotte Observer, is to have a “Plan B.” If things don’t go quite like you planned on the morning of your big day, having a church, foyer or other indoor area where you can hold the ceremony will be crucial. “If you are planning any part of your event outdoors, you will either need to plan to do so at a venue that can accommodate you inside too if the weather changes, or you will need to talk to a tent rental specialist about tenting your location in the event of inclement weather,” writes Wiegand.

Even if a few rain drops do sprinkle your nuptials, Wiegand says not to worry. Remember – your wedding isn’t about the day, it’s about a marriage. While nobody wants rain on their metaphorical parade, your wedding is only one day in a lifetime together, so don’t put too much importance on everything going perfectly. We can promise you, there will be speedbumps in your wedding planning process, just like there will be speedbumps in your marriage.

But if you can handle the stresses of outdoor wedding planning, then we’re quite confident that your marriage will be able to weather any storm.

Choose the right minister

It’s important to choose the right minister for your wedding.  You want to make sure that your ceremony reflects your relationship, personalities, and spirituality.  Marriage Makers does just that!  They have a wonderful staff, offer pre-marital counseling, and customize your ceremony that can also incorporate hands-small-300dpichildren.  They have recently opened up an office and meeting space off of Griegos and 4th street for your convenience and to offer a quiet place for you to consult with your officiant.  Also check out their new E-book, “Thoughts Before Marriage” authored by Bill Howden (your local wedding officiant).  “Thoughts Before Marriage” is a look at the forces in our culture which are driving the divorce rate to alarming levels — 65% for marriages less than three years old.

Photo credit: Kyle Zimmerman Photography