Cello for Weddings: Vendor Spotlight

When the day finally arrives — yes, you know which day we’re referring to — the whole rest of the world melts away. Or at least it does when your wedding is coordinated by local professionals who have dedicated their talents to making dreams come true. The details, the timing, everything is handled. So, really, all you have to do is be there, be yourself, and marry the love of your life. 

With Cello for Weddings, releasing the stress of planning a wedding comes as an easy, full exhale. Ryan Smith, the musical talent behind the name, has cultivated an appreciation and understanding of sound for many years, so that every wedding may have the opportunity to be elevated by live cello. Whether it is accompanied by other instruments to round out the harmonies, or solo, amplified acoustic cello, you have a guarantee that the music will reach the ears and hearts of all of your guests. 

We’ve all watched movies, seen plays, and even some well-executed commercials whose carefully timed use of music creates an emotional vitality that forces us to be present and acknowledge our tenderness. Incorporating live music into your wedding ceremony or reception produces this kind of  experience for your guests, which is not one that will leave their minds for long after. 

From sweeping, classic ballads to modern love songs, Cello for Weddings has a range of tonal talent that ensures your personality can shine through. Lustrous and heroic in Beethoven and John Mayer alike, Ryan is proud to approach his playing with a collaborative spirit so your wedding feels and sounds like your wedding. As Cello for Weddings, Ryan even offers to learn a new song for each couple, should his vast library of available songs be missing your favorite one. 

Spend some time visiting with Cello for Wedding’s transcendentally vibrant music with the samples available below, and contact Ryan here to have it present for your wedding day.  


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Contemporary Wedding Music

For the contemporary couple, “traditional” wedding music no longer promotes the atmosphere that they are aiming to create. Increasing numbers of soon to be newlyweds seek a vibe that is personalized and fresh. If you are looking for a way to express your chic side while adding a modern detail to your ceremony, why not add show some flare by choosing contemporary wedding ceremony music that is unique to you! Stimulate your guests upon their welcoming with fabulous prelude music. Here are a few suggestions for the moments just before you walk down the aisle, setting the mood for your wedding ceremony:

Prelude Music

“The Way I Am” – Ingrid Michaelson , “Only You”- Joshua Radin,  “Reasons to Love You”- Meiko, “Falling Slowly”- Glen Hansard & Marketa Irglova

 The wedding party music and your grand entrance tune should relay a special heartfelt message to your family and friends. Any of the choices below will promote the sensation of true love, and will move them with emotion:

Processional Music

“Fly”- Sarah Groves,  “Make You Feel My Love”- Adele,  “Let it Be Me”- Rosie Thomas,  “My Love for You is Real” – Ryan Adams,  “Lay Your Head Down”- Keren Ann

 Once you’ve said your vows you’ll be ready to skip down that aisle with your groom on your arm, so choosing the perfect recessional music is so important! Here are a few options to help you share your joy with your guests:

 Recessional Music

“I’m Yours”- Jason Mraz, “Beautiful Day”- U2,  “Bittersweet Symphony”- The Verve

 (For a contemporary twist, have either of these two options below sung by a gospel choir)

 “Oh Happy Day” – The Edwin Hawkins Singers, “All You Need is Love” – The Beatles