Texture & Light: A Styled Shoot with Carissa + Ben Photography

Dreamy black and white photographs always evoke a nostalgia that is beyond compare. A photograph does so much more than just capture a moment in time, but also preserves the feeling of the moment to be experienced again and again. Here at Perfect Wedding Guide, we see so many awe-inspiring shoots by so many talented wedding photographers and we can’t seem to get enough. Bring on your light and airy or dark and moody—we want it all!

Without a doubt, we love styled shoots, which is why we’ve featured them so many times before. However, you might be wondering, what exactly is a styled shoot and why are they so special? First and foremost, styled shoots give the local wedding community a chance to work together as one big team to create something completely their own and totally unique. They can showcase their talents in a team setting to bring dream weddings + elopements to life! Secondly, it is rare that wedding photographers and vendors get a chance to have complete creative control over a shoot, so this gives them the opportunity to focus on creativity rather than conventionality.

“For this styled shoot, we drew inspiration mainly from black and white images. We wanted to challenge ourselves creatively to focus more on shape, form, texture and light than we normally would. Our vision was for stark contrast, and striking shapes, and we achieved it by shooting the way we would if we were only shooting black and white film.

This shoot at the Rosewood Inn of The Anasazi was cultivated by a group of local wedding professionals and conceptualized by Manmade & Sage. Carissa + Ben Photography captures rich colors, textures, and colors in this styled shoot by focusing on elements of shape and form. The black and white images are reminiscent of analog film with contrast and moodiness. Carissa + Ben play with the dancing light and use it to enhance the small details of raw human emotion and physicality.

The team was absolutely incredible, and we’re so grateful that Amanda and Melissa were on the same wavelength from the start! The result is a styled shoot that made us think outside the box, and stretch our creative muscles while producing some of our very favorite images this year!” 

The venue, the concept, the decor, and so much more goes into creating the final, and heart wrenchingly beautiful, product. You can view the full gallery and visit the vendors below!

Photography | Carissa & Ben Photography
Concept + Styling | Manmade & Sage
Planning | Candace Noel Events
Videographer | Kevin Guevara Photography/Design
Florals | Renegade Floral
Hair | Jewel Hair Design
Makeup | Betty Rose by Alanna
Garter | Bridal Elegance by Darlene
Suit | Suits Unlimited
Jewelry | Peyote Bird Designs
Venue | Rosewood Inn of The Anasazi
Models | Tonya + Ryan

The Most Blissful Bed+Breakfast: Hacienda Vargas

There’s a new theme emerging among all the incredible weddings of the world, especially here in New Mexico… Have you noticed it yet, brides and wedding lovers?

We’ve taken note, from our little perch between local wedding professionals and engaged couples, that brides and grooms are putting more and more emphasis on the cultural and historical beauty of their hometowns and states when planning their wedding. And we are so here for it!

So here’s a tip: Hacienda Vargas is the perfect wedding venue for engaged couples who are looking to incorporate some of New Mexico’s rich culture and history into their celebration. With traditional adobe structure to reflect New Mexico’s famous sunsets, walls covered in authentic local art, and vast, pristine land surrounding the inn, Hacienda Vargas emanates all the things that make our state so wonderful. Plus, The Land of Enchantment, aptly named, has enraptured so many of its inhabitants, it only makes sense to draw from the vibrant colors and unique history for some wedding inspo!

Tucked just between Albuquerque and Santa Fe, the historical bed + breakfast has been welcoming weary travelers and locals in need of relaxation since the 17th century. Yes, you read that right! For four centuries, Hacienda Vargas has dazzled every guest who passes through with the inn’s traditional architecture, and the owner’s — Cynthia and Richard — delicious, homemade breakfast.

Wrapped in a familiar sort of comfort, the bed and breakfast invites engaged couples to an intimate, yet rural, space to celebrate their union. Hacienda Vargas is happy to hold up to 150 of you and your partner’s loved ones. So whether you two are looking for a small elopement or you’re planning to invite everyone you hold dear, the inn is here with open doors.

To book Hacienda Vargas for your wedding here in New Mexico, contact their team here!

In the meantime, come gawk at this gorgeous wedding at Hacienda Vargas that we still can’t get over! candlelight vows bride groom couple wedding planning bridal gown updo suit tux indoor ceremony traditional New Mexico southwestern sweetheart neckline strapless rose cathedral love romantic perfect wedding guide

detail wedding photography sentimental celebration New Mexico planning wedding bridal bride groom greenery decor outdoor ceremony vows venue officiant

wedding planning bridal bouquet orange red greenery eucalyptus natural light outdoor detail shot delicate lace beaded gown ring jewelry nails perfect wedding guide photography

detail shot wedding celebration event photography New Mexico Santa Fe perfect wedding guide ristra planning design inspiration traditional adobe architecture historical bride groom

romantic photography couple shot wedding engagement outdoor natural light planning gown sweetheart top local New Mexico Santa Fe perfect wedding guide design first look real suit tux bowtie ristra traditional ceremony vows love

candlelight romantic photography indoor cathedral traditional wedding planning details adobe historical bridal design perfect wedding guide hacienda Vargas Santa Fe inspiring

detail shot wedding planning favors southwestern unique idea traditional bride groom reception Chile mason jar planning outdoor photography romantic love perfect wedding guide Santa Fe New Mexico

outdoor photography couple wedding fall autumn golden hour wedding planning New Mexico Santa Fe Perfect Wedding Guide gown lace sequin beading suit tux bowtie romantic outdoor natural light
Photos by Britianie Tyler Photography.

More on the wedding featured above here!

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How Big is Your Wedding? {10 Reasons Why Brides are Choosing Intimate Weddings}

Here at Perfect Wedding Guide, we know that each couple is unique in the amount of guests that they have at their wedding. Some couples would prefer to invite every person that they know, while others want only their closest friends and family to share their wedding experience with them. In this post, we are going to study the pros of an intimate wedding. From the blessings of lower costs, to the longer amount of quality time with each guest, we are convinced that smaller weddings are taking the stage in a big way. Here are some reasons we believe intimate weddings are making couples think twice about who is getting an invite:

  1. Each guest gets more quality facetime with you. 

IW 1
Via: Pinterest

A lot of times, couples with 100+ guests realize after their reception that they didn’t see Aunt Jane for the entirety of their wedding day. The awkwardness the follows at family reunions can be easily avoided if you make a few decisions; and, maybe, cutting back on the invites is one of them.

2. The photographer will LOVE you. 

Many photographers love, love, LOVE small weddings. They feel like they can channel more creativity into their photos, give you exactly what you want, and save you a lot of time. It is hard to enjoy your job when you are herding a massive congregation of people for a group photo.

Via: Pinterest
Via: Pinterest

3. Your amazing DIY ideas will be manageable.

Via: Pinterest
Via: Pinterest

Many brides love the DIY ideas they find on Pinterest and their favorite blogs, but the amount of people at their wedding make those projects near impossible. With an intimate wedding, you can actually pour out all of that penned-up creativity into your wedding plan.

4. Your guests will be more comfortable with people they actually know.

Via: Pinterest
Via: Pinterest

There is nothing more uncomfortable and awkward than being a guest at a wedding and the only person you know is the bride or groom. Make your guests feel comfortable and relaxed by keeping it “in the family”. Your family and friends will grow closer and build stronger relationships if you do so.

5. It’s a wedding, not a reunion.

Via: Pinterest
Via: Pinterest

It doesn’t make sense to pay $100+ a head, when all you want to do is “catch up”. Go ahead and grab some coffee, but we don’t recommend inviting your lab partner from 11th grade chemistry to your wedding just to reunite.

6. You can get creative with your venue.

Want to get married in your backyard? Great. Want to get married at the campsite where you fell involve? Perfect. Want to get married on a mountaintop after a short hike with a picturesque waterfall in the background? Fantastic. If you have a small wedding, you can basically get married wherever you want.

Via: Pinterest
Via: Pinterest

7. You can save money and splurge on the important aspects of your dream wedding.

When you save invites, you save money on food, drinks, seating, space, and gifts. Furthermore, with all that extra cash, you can make your special guests feel extra special with unique gifts, extra food, more drinks and a better all-around experience. Also, don’t forget, you can always spend a little extra on that amazing honeymoon!

Via: Pinterest
Via: Pinterest

8. You can get married faster.

With less details and people to take care of, you can cut down your timeline. Want to get married in three months? That’s a possibility!

Via: Pinterest
Via: Pinterest

9. You can spend time with your spouse.

Via: Pinterest

Often times, couples find themselves so busy with their army of guests, that they don’t spend any quality time with each other. With smaller weddings, the couple can spend more time  on their wedding day kissing, hugging, and being one on one.

10. You can relax!

Having a small wedding is like having a party with the people in your life that mean the most to you. So let loose, relax, and share the love!

Via: Pinterest
Via: Pinterest


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