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Since the rebirth of the Albuquerque + Santa Fe Perfect Wedding Guide team ten years ago, the driving motivation behind everything we do has been our local wedding community. Having a personal relationship with some of the most inspiring business owners makes the hard work we put in to every event, giveaway, and of course, our magazine, totally worth it.

Not only do we love being able to introduce local engaged couples to photographers, officiants, DJs that we know on a first name basis, but it’s important to us that we match up couples with vendors that we know can make their dreams come true. We can only do that by really getting to know each business — their goals and dreams, and even their personality quirks, which we find endearing.

So, why not share the same courtesy with our amazing readers and engaged couples?! Our team is tight-knit and we rely on each other a lot, but we’re also constantly learning more about one another too. We often do little games during our Monday morning meetings, and wanted to introduce ourselves to you with a particularly fun one. We made acronyms describing our personality using the letters in our names which, I must add, is much harder than it sounds if you have a “z” in your name.

Grab some tea or coffee and scroll on! Meet our team and comment your own acronym below.

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If Your Man Were to Plan: 5 Ways to Include Your Groom in Your Wedding Planning

Photo Credit: Robert Holley Productions

When in the midst of planning your wedding, it’s easy to get caught up in the details of what you have always been dreaming of. And rightfully so, as you have been planning your dream “I Do” since you were 10-years-old. While the wedding day attention typically falls on the bride, we can’t forget about the groom. He’s getting married, too!

Most grooms are happy to leave the planning up to their better half. Flowers and table linens? They’re thinking, “Just let me know when it’s time for the cake tasting.” We get it, the frills of wedding planning leave men less than thrilled to participate. But, there are a couple areas that you can incorporate your man into and draw out a little wedding planning enthusiasm.

1. Tantalize his taste buds with some guy grub by requesting his input for passed hors d’oeuvre options for cocktail hour. Manly muches don’t have to scream bar food. Brainstorm basic, tasty foods he loves and then dress them up! He wants burgers? How about mini lamb and feta sliders with mint aioli?

2. Give him free rein over his day-of duds to allow his unique style to show through. Maybe he’s a suspenders kind of guy, or he’s known for his rebelliously colorful dress socks. Agree on one rule, he must stick to the color pallet, and then let him at it.

3. Help him get creative with groomsmen gifts by suggesting some customizable options. Engraved engine turned lighters with a mild bodied cigar, a can of coke paired with a Jack Daniels mini and monogramed whiskey glass, or cufflinks adorned with each guy’s favorite team logo – he’ll enjoy picking just the right gift for his friends to thank them for being a part of your special day.

4. Think outside of the icebox for décor options. How cool would a beer-filled canoe be? Maybe he can’t get excited about picking out centerpieces, but he loves outdoor activities. Enlist his help in finding cooler alternatives based on what he loves – wheelbarrows, tractors, an old boat or something he can build himself.

5. Hand over the gun – the wedding registry scanner gun that is. A planning-friendly way to keep the man of the hour happy is to let him pick out some items he’ll actually enjoy too. Maybe he’s had his eye on that George Forman grill, he needs a new tool chest, or he simply wants a new gadget. New bath towels are only exciting to a certain degree, so let him have a hand in choosing some registry items.

Enjoy the wedding planning process together by making him feel that his role extends beyond simply showing up on your wedding day. To create an event that reflects who you are as a couple, it’s important to incorporate his personal touches, too




Event at ABQ Party Space!

ABQ Party Space
Brides- finding your venue  is a very important task to check off your to do list while wedding planning. Do some research and go check out the event tonight at ABQ Party Space! ABQ Party Space is located at 300 Menaul Blvd NW. The open house will be from 6pm- 8pm this evening ( 7.2.13). For any further questions or to RSVP call 505.250.5807. Enjoy!

Formal Dinner Setting Illustrated

For all my brides out there that are not well versed in formally setting a table ( I know I am not) — the below graphics may come in handy while planning either your rehearsal or reception dinner for your wedding.

There are a couple different versions of what is considered to be a formal setting therefore do some research and do ultimately what you prefer.

 A meal that requires a formal place setting will generally consist of salad, bread, soup, drinks and a main course with dessert and coffee following.

Formal Dining Setting

formal dinner

For more helpful wedding planning tools and tips visit: 

Three wedding steps to a dream wedding

When it comes to wedding planning, many brides- and grooms-to-be quickly get frazzled when they look at their massive to-do list. However, it is possible to have a dream wedding. It is important to come to terms with the budget before anything else, because once that is decided, the bride and groom are one step closer to their ideal big day.

Determine the style
When guests arrive at a wedding, the event should be a reflection of the couple. Everything from the beautiful wedding dress to the centerpieces can emulate the personalities of the bride and groom, so it is key for couples to identify which aspects of their personalities and relationship they want to convey at the affair.

Create a planning scrapbook
Brides- and grooms-to-be may want to create a scrapbook-style binder once they start wedding planning. Not only will this keep them more organized, but they can add things they both like to the binder. When it comes to decision time, they will have a basis to go off of to get the perfect invitations, bridesmaids dresses, centerpieces and venue. Plus, those who are having a tough time determining their style can quickly find it after they start pulling things they like together.

Tradition is just an outline
Some couples can get wrapped up in traditions, but just because a bride and groom are tying the knot, it doesn’t mean they have to stay within the lines of tradition. In addition, there are certain aspects of a wedding that can be left out. If the couple likes pie more than they do cake, than they should serve that for their dessert. Bottom line – as long as a couple shows who they are, they will be successful in planning the party of a lifetime

Asking the tough questions while wedding planning

When a couple starts wedding planning, they quickly realize how many decisions they have to make – from what beautiful wedding dress the bride will choose to which flowers, food and venue they will select. According to The Huffington Post, a perfect wedding is the result of great vendors in many ways. In order for the bride- and groom-to-be to find the best cake bakers, photographers and florist, the couple may have to ask a few tough questions.

During the planning process, couples just want things to go smoothly and they want to be polite and respectful when it comes to the vendors’ work. However, it is not rude to ask them about their best – and their worst weddings.

When trying to find a photographer, ask to see all of the pictures from one or two weddings. This way you can get the gist of their overall talent, and not just the photos they selected in the end. Some of the vendors could also work together, like the florist and baker, especially if the couple wants a few fresh flowers on their cake.

Wedding planning on a budget: Start early!

The average wedding costs $26,989, and that number is down from the $28,082 in pre-recession 2008. This figure may seem quite expensive to many, and planning a wedding on a budget can be difficult – especially if the couple doesn’t make one prior to wedding planning, according to USA Today.

Kari Nesbitt, 28, realized quickly she was overshooting her $30,000 budget when she opted for a $6,000 wedding dress and was planning for a lavish, gorgeous and elegant reception. She then readjusted – and did not regret a thing.

“We cut the up-lighting. We cut the draping. We cut the special wooden dance floor, and no one missed it,” Nesbitt told the news source.

This happens to many couples, as they find they overindulged on certain aspects of their wedding and they have plenty more to plan. The key to staying in budget is prioritizing. Each couple values a different aspect of a wedding more than other. Pick our the most important parts of the wedding and skip what doesn’t matter.   For more wedding planning tips, visit our Perfect Wedding Guide website.

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