4 of New Mexico’s Favorite Wedding Cake Shops

Your wedding day is going to be one of the most treasured days of your entire life – and with the help of our favorite local wedding cake shops, it’s also going to be the sweetest! When we think “wedding“, we think about some of the most anticipated moments during the special day: the bride walking down the aisle, the groom’s reaction and, last but not least, the cutting of the cake. Who doesn’t love to see the happy newly-weds smash their beautiful cake into each other’s beautiful faces?!

I think we can all agree that wedding cakes are a true work of art from the delicious ingredients on the inside, to the intricate details on the outside. Stylized color palettes and detailed personal touches make any wedding cake feel like it was made only for you – with love!

Between venue scouting, dress shopping and dozens of other necessary wedding planning tasks, picking out a wedding cake can seem like just another daunting challenge. However, these local sweet-tooth experts will make it a piece of cake (literally)!

1. The Cake Boutique

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Chrisi K. Photography
new mexico wedding cake, pink wedding cake, gold wedding cake, gold cake, wedding cake

We were invited to sample the cake. Birdie talked us through the different tier and flavour options, and we conferred so she could get an understanding of our colour/decoration needs. Birdie worked with our florist to ensure the arrangements were in place for the floral topper. The cake was delivered on time, it looked great and tasted delicious! We had a three-tiered round cake with colours and decorations chosen by us and a plain sheet cake, and we were able to have two different flavours (chocolate and vanilla). The cake was definitely the tastiest we had tried in Albuquerque.  

– Jamie, Local Bride

If you’re looking for a cake shop that offers pretty much everything, whether it be conventional or something completely out of the ordinary, then you’re in the right place! Locally owned and operated by Birdie, The Cake Boutique is conveniently located on the Westside of Albuquerque for you to stop in and explore all of their breathtaking options. You can learn more about the shop and how to get in contact with them here.

2. Maggie’s Cakes

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Kevin Guevara Photo + Film
cactus cake, new mexico wedding cake, southwestern cake
Alicia Lucia Photography

Zara has the perfect eye for creating stunning work. Her cake artistry is unparalleled… From cupcakes to 5 tiered masterpieces, she CAN create ANYTHING you can IMAGINE! From the moment you arrive in her artistic space until the moment your creation is presented, she is simply magical.

-Devonna, Local Bride

Here at Perfect Wedding Guide, we are clearly obsessed with our state – and Maggie’s Cakes so perfectly represents the southwest in all of its glory. From simple and chic Earth tones to vibrant blush bursts of color, this shop has everything you could dream of. You can find Zara, the artist behind the cakes, and your future delicious creation at her Santa Fe shop. You can find more information here!

2. Les Blonde Bakery

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Maura Jane Photography
white wedding cake, baby's breath cake, pretty cake, forest cake, new mexico wedding cake

I had Les Blonde Bakery make my wedding cake and my daughters first birthday cake. They were better than I imagined! The frosting was my favorite (and I am not a frosting person!) Not only was the cake DELICIOUS, but Kerian was wonderful! I will absolutely be ordering more cakes!!

– Michelle, Local Bride

Wedding cakes, cupcakes, desserts galore! Les Blonde Bakery is well versed in the world of sweet things, and just looking at Kerian’s elegant baked goods makes our mouths water. Their unique displays and cake toppers are reason enough to stop by the bakery and see for yourself what makes Les Blonde Bakery so special! You can learn more about how to get in contact with them here.

4. SmallCakes: A Cupcakery

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Jasper K. Photography
fig wedding cake, fig cake, pink wedding cake, glittery cake, new mexico wedding cake
Briana Nicole Photography

I spent many weekends tasting cakes before I decided on SmallCakes. They have a great selection of flavors and we received so many compliments on our cake. I knew I could trust them with our cake and they proved themselves on the day of our wedding.

– Romilly

Last, but certainly not least, SmallCakes focuses on creating a diverse range of cakes that look almost too good to eat. Just look at those colors… and that texture! *Heart eyes* From cupcakes to wedding cakes, there are options for everyone. Stop by their shop in Northeast Albuquerque to take the next step in ordering your cake for your wedding day, or visit them here!

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Smallcakes: The Only Way to Celebrate Everything!

What better way to celebrate the holidays, or any occasion for that matter, than with delicious, mouthwatering cupcakes!? But not just any cupcakes, the one and only Smallcakes in all of Albuquerque!

As you may know, Smallcakes is a nationwide franchise with national recognition, including The View, Food Network and USA Today. Lucky for us, we have our very own Smallcakes right here in the Duke City.

With more than 120 flavors to choose from, the possibilities are endless! From Pink Chocolate and Lemon Drop to Peaches & Cream and Birthday Cake, you are sure to find the flavor of your cupcake dreams.

Aside from their amazing cupcakes, however, they also make the most beautiful wedding cakes. Check out this gorgeous cake the folks at Smallcakes made for a recent Earthy Autumn styled shoot.

Photos by Briana Nicole Photography

More deliciousness from Smallcakes…

Check out this brief history of our local Smallcakes

Can’t get enough of Smallcakes!? Stop by to get your fix today! 🙂

Trending: Cake Designs to Take Your Breath Away

Most of us usually don’t think of the amount of skill and work it takes to create one these beautiful masterpieces when we think of wedding cakes. And yet, that’s exactly what they are — a masterpiece. Creating one of these modern marvels is like creating an edible work of art. Especially with the endless styles and designs people dream up, wedding cakes are no longer limited to the buttercream frosting and fake pearls of old.

Cakes have only become more intricate with modern trends including metallics, ruffles and polka dots, sprinkles, fruit and edible flowers and one of my favorites, hand-painted. Wherever you draw your inspiration, however, we have the best local wedding cakes artists who are always up for a challenge. To help you decide on a cake for your wedding, here are some of the trending masterpieces sweeping bakeries around the world.

I. Dripping & Metallic Cakes

Metallic and mouthwatering dripping cakes are perfect for brides and grooms who are trendy and all about modern design. These cakes are classy and edgy all wrapped into one delicious concoction!

Cake by Hansel & Gretel Cakes. Photo by Tennille Fink

Cake by Chocolate Maven, Photo by Alicia Lucia Photography

II. Ruffled & Polka Dot Cakes

For a softer touch, ruffles and polka dots are perfect for a romantic wedding with soft colors. No matter what trends come and go, these classic styles are always a beautiful option.

Cake by Chocolate Maven

Cake by Savory Fare, Photo by Maura Jane Photography

III. Fruit Topped & Edible Flower Cakes

Coinciding with the farm-to-table movement, cakes mounded with fresh fruit and edible flowers are perfect for those of us who prefer an organic-style cake inspired by nature.

Photo by We Are All Stardust

Cake by Chocolate Maven

IV. Sprinkle Cakes

You can never go wrong with sprinkles! With a modern twist on sprinkles these days, they are sophisticated and fun. Give your inner child the option to have sprinkles or not and you will always choose sprinkles!

Cake by Bespoke Bride

Cake by Style Sweet CA

V. Hand Painted Cakes

As an artist, it’s only natural for me to love hand-painted cakes. If Leonardo da Vinci were still alive, I’m certain his inbox would be flooded with requests for one of these original works of art!

Photo by Cake Ink

Cake by Bobbette & Belle, Photo by Vicki Bartel Photography

Cake by Olofson Design, Photo by Anneli Marinovich Wedding & Lifestyle Photography

As you can see, many of these cakes are a combination of modern trends and styles. Have fun and play with different styles to create your own original wedding cake masterpiece!

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Sweet Treats Albuquerque: Saratori’s Pastry Shop

SanCheck out Saratori’s Pastry Shop’s delectable feature in our brand new Fall 2014 Perfect Wedding Guide here: Perfect Wedding Guide Fall 2014.


Sweet Wedding Cake Advice From The Cake Boutique

Choosing your wedding cake has got to be one of the most fun (and delicious!) wedding planning tasks to check off of your to-do list. However, with so many recent wedding cake trends it is difficult to know where to start. Local wedding cake expert Birdie Mathis with The Cake Boutique recently sat down with us at The Perfect Wedding Guide to share her advice and words of wisdom with brides and grooms who are searching for their perfect wedding cake. Here is her insightful interview into the world of wedding cakes:

Photo Credit: The Cake Boutique
Photo Credit: The Cake Boutique

Perfect Wedding Guide: As a leader in the local wedding cake industry, what would be your advice to brides and grooms just starting to research bakeries to find their perfect wedding cake?

The Cake Boutique: The best advice I can give to those blushing brides is to prioritize where the wedding cake will fit in to her perfect day.  Hopefully she can then create a budget for what she would like to spend on the cake.  For example, if flowers are not high on the list of where she wants to make the most lasting impression from her day, she can then allocate fewer funds towards the purchasing of flowers to allow her more design options for her wedding cake.  This way she shouldn’t have to “settle” for a cake design because her money went towards flowers that weren’t as important to her.

Photo Credit: The Cake Boutique
Photo Credit: The Cake Boutique

PWG: Please tell us a little more about The Cake Boutique. How long have you been in business here in Albuquerque?

The Cake Boutique: The Cake Boutique will officially be in business 1 whole year on May 6th.  Although the business itself is new, Monica and I collectively have been decorating cakes well over 20+ years. We provide wedding cakes, cupcakes, cookies, or almost any type of custom cake imaginable.

Photo Credit: The Cake Boutique
Photo Credit: The Cake Boutique

PWG: In your professional opinion, what do you believe are going to be the big wedding cake trends for 2014?

The Cake Boutique: I believe the trend that will take off in the coming years is a smaller wedding cake for the bride and groom, and individual cakes as the centerpiece for guest tables allowing the guests to serve themselves as well as sample and trade different cake flavors from one table to the next.

PWG: We have heard about your fantastic new program called “Dancing Off Dollars”. Can you tell our readers a little more about it?

The Cake Boutique: I am also a Jazzercise aerobic instructor, and we have teamed up with the local Jazzercise centers to promote a program called “Dancing Off Dollars.”  Our offer is $5.00 off the total cost of their wedding cake for every pound the bride loses 3 months or more, prior to her wedding.   The center I teach at will give the brides who would like to participate a discount membership rate and no joining fee for booking their wedding cake at The Cake Boutique. Please tell your readers to give me a call if they would like more information about “Dancing Off Dollars”!

Photo Credit: The Cake Boutique
Photo Credit: The Cake Boutique

PWG: Do you have any additional words of wisdom for our brides and grooms when it comes to choosing their wedding cake?

The Cake Boutique: My words of wisdom for brides out there would be to just be a little bit selfish when planning her wedding.  I’ve met with so many brides who get caught up in trying to please all of the different people in their lives when it comes to making the final choices for their day.  Trying to consider everyone else’s thoughts and opinions when it comes down to what will be right for them will only lead to undue stress.

Photo Credit: The Cake Boutique
Photo Credit: The Cake Boutique

The Cake Boutique

(505) 833-1170

 3250 Coors Blvd. NW Ste C, Albuquerque, NM 87120

Thank you so much, Birdie, for your sweet words of wisdom!

Order your FREE Spring/Summer Issue of The Perfect Wedding Guide and check out other local wedding business at The Perfect Wedding Guide!

History of wedding cake traditions

Wedding cakes are a staple at many nuptials, and after a couple says “I do,” these desserts are a fixture of the reception. Some may wonder where these traditions came from The Daily Herald recently shed some light on the subject.

Dessert cakes have been served at weddings since the 1600s, but it wasn’t until the 1800s that the wedding cake became fashionable, the news source reports. The bride and groom topper that many associate with wedding cakes actually didn’t appear until the 20th century.

Even though many of these traditions are still used, a number of couples have opted to personalize their wedding planning rather than go with the social norm – and this includes desserts. In fact, some are opting for other treats rather than a cake. According to The Huffington Post, brides- and grooms-to-be are choosing to feature a dessert table with an array of sweets with a smaller cake to continue the tradition of cutting the cake. Some couples are even setting up a make-your-own-dessert table and having their guests create the perfect sweet.

Wedding food trends in 2011

One of the most important parts of wedding planning is deciding on the food you’re going to serve. From the hors-d’oeuvres to the dinner to the wedding cake, picking food that’s unique, delicious and satisfying can be quite the task. Wedding planner Josh Gurvitz of Indianapolis recently spoke to the Indianapolis Star about the trends he sees emerging for wedding gourmands in the coming year.

Gurvitz suggests that soon-to-be-wed couples decide on a theme for the food of their wedding. Whether it’s high-brow French cuisine or down-home picnic fare, sticking to a motif can lend some continuity to the meals that your guests enjoy.

“From a traditional New England clambake to a spicy Southern barbecue, theme-wedding menus create a fun, exciting, and memorable event,” Gurvitz explains. “It might even be the way you eat the food that stays in your guests’ minds – cracking crabs at a Maryland riverside wedding, nibbling satay at a Thai-inspired city garden reception, or one of my faves was roasting marshmallows over a bonfire at chic Zionsville (Ind.) wedding.”

As for the dessert, Gurvitz notes that specialty wedding cakes and unique takes on wedding classics – like wedding cupcakes – are all the rage these days.

Blame it on the popularity of ‘Top Chef, Just Desserts, Amazing Cakes and Cake Boss, but cake bakers and pastry chefs are churning out incredible desserts and wedding cakes with gourmet flavors.

To find wedding caterers and wedding cake shops in your area visit us at Albuquerque/Santa Fe Perfect Wedding Guide website

Cup-O-Cakes Grand Opening Tomorrow! Coronado Mall – June 23rd

Cup-O-Cakes Grand Opening

When: Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Time: 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm

Location: Coronado Mall (lower level, under the escalator)

Come see what all the excitement is about! On Wednesday, June 23rd, Chef Michael Cakes will celebrate the Grand Opening of Cup-O-Cakes in Coronado Mall.

Cup-O-Cakes are delicious gourmet cupcakes that can be easily eaten, stacked or frozen. They are easy to use in a variety of situations that Cup-O-Cakes is the perfect choice for a personal treat or for any party or event.

The chef prepares a variety of delicious flavors like: Jameson whiskey cakes, carrot cake, an award winning Myers’s rum pound cake, red velvet, mocha and strawberry/lemonade. The classic Cup-O-Cakes like chocolate and vanilla are always a great choice.

All Cup-O-Cakes are made with real buttercream. Cup-O-Cakes carry a line of unique gift and customer appreciation ideas. It is now the number one reason to visit the mall. For more information contact Chef Michael at 897-0828. See you Wednesday where life is sweet!

Wedding Cakes: Additional Options for Your Reception

If the wedding cake takes center stage, then consider these confections as stage hands for the main event. Here, a list of additional cake options to showcase at your wedding reception.

  • The groom’s cake: While most groom’s cakes are chocolate, there are hundreds of options in filling and flavor for the grooms cake. It should reflect your guys’ taste and personality.
  • Mini wedding cakes: Individual cakes placed at each guests’ table. If you’re on a budget, consider replacing the main wedding cake with these options which can also double as wedding favors.
  • Croquembouche: An elaborately decorated French pastry made of piles of sweet cream puffs. It’s a symbol of good luck, granting the couple a happy and prosperous life together.
  • Stand-in cake: This is a smaller, less expensive versions of the wedding sheet cake which is pre-cut and served to guests.
  • Petit fours: Mini pastries served in addition to the wedding cake.
  • Top tier (anniversary cake): Traditionally, the top tier is saved for the bride and grooms to enjoy on their first year wedding anniversary.

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