Mary Kay To The Rescue!

Looking for the answer to all of your beauty and skincare needs leading up to your wedding day? Give Tammy Bone with Mary Kay a call! Tammy specializes in bridal looks, makeovers, finding the perfect foundation shade for you, color matching, skin care solutions, and makeup application. Mary Kay beauty products also make for luxurious bridesmaids gifts and favors.

Photo Credit: Mary Kay
Photo Credit: Mary Kay

“Mary Kay offers convenient home or office delivery, as well as additional services like personalized skin care consultation, customized makeovers, gift services, bridal support and more! As your independent beauty consultant I will be dedicated to providing you personalized service and support to meet your skin care, beauty and bridal needs. You can try products before you buy them and all products are backed with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. With Mary Kay you’re in charge of your beauty experience, so you can shop online, by telephone, with a one-on-one appointment or at a beauty party. I am here to make sure your special day is flawless. Contact me today for more information!”Tammy Bone, Mary Kay Independent Senior Sales Director

Photo Credit: Mary Kay
Photo Credit: Mary Kay

Mary Kay, Tammy Bone

Albuquerque, NM


For more wedding beauty and health inspiration, and for everything else you need to plan your wedding, please visit The Perfect Wedding Guide.

Wedding Shoes for a cause

Being a graduate student at the University Of New Mexico, Anderson School of Management  I get to hear about a lot of interesting companies. This past semester a group in one of my classes did a presentation on the company known as TOM’s. They are a shoe company that donates a pair of new shoes to a child in need with every pair purchased. I was so moved by their mission and business ethics that I decided to purchase a pair for myself. While I was going through the online store, I realized that they sell wedding shoes! How awesome is that? Brides can wear cute alpargatas, feel comfortable and know that they are helping children who are in need. After buying my pair of shoes I went to work happy and excited to tell Shauna (PWG publisher) about these awesome shoes. To my amazement, she informed me that a Joann Baldwin, owner of A Personalized Affair (event planning and decor) had a daughter who used TOM’s shoes in her wedding. She hand painted each pair for the girls in her wedding party to match her theme colors. What a great idea!

My new pair of TOM's
Erin's custom painted shoes (Joann Baldwin's daughter)
What a neat idea!
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