Emily + Luke’s Blue Hues

You’d think that after seeing and being a part of so many beautiful local weddings, we’d start to get used to all the raw love and emotion in the air around here. But, nope! Emily + Luke’s gorgeous wedding at Casas de Suenos brought happy tears to our eyes, even after all these years. It’s couples like these, Emily and Luke, that remind us of why we do what we do.

Captured by the always incredible Kayla Kitts Photography, it was the little details of this celebration that really plucked away at our heart strings. From the bride’s wide-as-the-Sandias grin, to the flowing, happy tears from the groom, every sentimental and exciting moment of this magnificent day was captured by Kayla’s lens and unique talent.

Blue hues, reminiscent of New Mexico‘s wide open skies, swirled around Emily and Luke’s ceremony, offering guests a hopeful sort of joy as they celebrated man and wife. Also present was their love for travel and adventure — which is almost as deep as their love for each other. From the little flags made of maps, to the suitcases full of goodies for attendees, the couple’s personality truly encompassed the day.

Scroll on to hear the couple’s love story, read a note from our darling Kayla Kitts, and to see for yourself just how inspiring this moment in time was.




To say Emily + Luke’s wedding day was an epic celebration…well that would be putting it lightly.  You see, Emily and Luke are teachers that live in the Philippines.  But, it hasn’t always been that way – they met in Egypt, when Luke landed a job where Emily’s parents were his bosses!  He says he was excited about the new job, but even more excited about Emily.  If you ask him – he knew he’d marry her the moment he saw her.  He was head over heels for her, and I’d say that hasn’t changed a bit.  As time passed, they fell in love, and since then have continued their exploration of the world – but now, as they begin the school year in Manila, they’re officially Mr + Mrs!

Kayla, Kayla Kitts Photography




A big thank you to the talented vendors who made this day possible for Emily + Luke.

Photography | Kayla Kitts Photography

Venue | Casas de Suenos 

Dress | Ann Cuantico

Shoes |  Ecco

Hair | Kayla Chory with Heart + Soul

Makeup  |  Nina Simbana

Florist  |  Ansely

Rings  |  Tiffanys + Jared Jewlers

Suit  |  Ann Cuantico

Officiant  |  Hany Salam

Cake  |  Laura Keen

DJ  |  TJ

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Mary Kay To The Rescue!

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Photo Credit: Mary Kay www.marykay.com
Photo Credit: Mary Kay http://www.marykay.com

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Photo Credit: Mary Kay www.marykay.com
Photo Credit: Mary Kay http://www.marykay.com

Mary Kay, Tammy Bone

Albuquerque, NM


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Keep Your Groom and His Guys Looking Sharp With Mr. Tux Formalwear

Let’s not forget about the guys! If you are searching for the perfect tuxedos or suits to complete your wedding party’s look, you have got to stop by Mr. Tux!  Mr. Tux Formalwear is locally owned and operated, serving New Mexico families for over 43 years. Mr. Tux has a combined experience level of over 150 years, their friendly staff will work closely with you to find the perfect tuxedos or suits for your wedding party.

Mr. Tux Formalwear has all  of the tux and suit trends and styles you need to check out for your big day. Photo Credit: Mr. Tux Formalwear
Mr. Tux Formalwear has all of the tux and suit trends and styles you need to check out for your big day.
Photo Credit: Mr. Tux Formalwear
Photo Credit: Mr. Tux Formalwear
Photo Credit: Mr. Tux Formalwear
Mr. Tux has been in business in Albuquerque for over over 43 years!  Photo Credit: Mr. Tux Formalwear
Mr. Tux has been in business in Albuquerque for over over 43 years!
Photo Credit: Mr. Tux Formalwear

Mr Tux 7


Mr. Tux Formalwear

4900 Lomas (Lomas and Monroe) and 3107 Eubank (Eubank and Candelaria)

Albuquerque, NM


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Wedding party do’s and don’ts

Couples who are in the middle of wedding planning have a lot to consider, and the last thing they want to be thinking about on their big day is whether their wedding party is going to behave. Before the couple says “I do” in front of all of their family and friends, they may want to have a quick talk with their wedding party.

According to The Huffington Post, there are a few topics to go over prior to the big day. Many of these may seem like common sense, but it is always better to tell the party beforehand, rather than being upset later on.

Tell the party to not get too intoxicated. Of course, the bride and groom want everyone to have a good time, but they do not want their best college friends retelling stories from their heyday while the groom’s grandmother hears the whole thing. Also, advise the wedding party to avoid all pranks. Hiding the groom’s tuxedo is not funny, and it will be even less so if the bride catches wind of it.

Finally, the wedding party should know to be courteous throughout the ceremony and reception – no member should laugh while walking down the aisle or park it in front of the bar.

Wedding planning: Throwing an engagement party

Many couples question whether they want to throw an engagement party or not, and it has a number of pros and cons to go with it. First of all, couples are able to announce and celebrate their amazing news to close family and friends. Also, it is a fantastic way for the two families to get to know each other before the real wedding planning begins.

However, it also adds some pressure when it comes to the guest list, as the couple needs to finalize their list much earlier because they shouldn’t invite someone to the engagement party and not the wedding. Also, financially it can come some added pressure, so those who are planning a wedding on a budget may want to steer clear of this event.

Couples who decide to throw one of these fun bashes need to keep a few things in mind. When it comes to hosting, anyone can do so – if it’s a friend of the family of the bride or groom, there is no set rule. There is also no set rule when it comes to what type of event it is, it can be a formal affair, a cocktail party with hors d’oeuvres or a family barbeque.

Roles are changing in the wedding party

It seems as though a number of couples are choosing to forgo tradition in favor of what they really want. For example, some women are serving as best man and vice versa. This is so those who are near and dear to the happy couple will be involved in the ceremony no matter what roles need to be changed.

According to The New York Times, roles are changing significantly within the bridal party, even coming down to men serving as the flower girl. Jen Fernando noted that she wanted her close friend Sean Hopkins to be a part of her wedding party. As a way to demonstrate how their relationship is, Fernando decided to make him the “flower fella.”

“She thought it was the perfect way to represent our friendship because it was totally our sense of humor,” Hopkins told the news provider. “When it had to be approved by the priest, I thought that would be it, but he was tickled by the idea.”

According to Martha Stewart Weddings, it’s important to decide who will be in the bridal party early on so they can prepare for the honor.

Wedding VIPs: How to Choose Your Attendants

Brides and grooms have a tough task at hand when it comes to choosing attendants for the wedding party. Your childhood friends, college buddies, relatives and the like are all vying for a chance to stand with you on your big day. Here, we show you how to narrow the list and select the best group of friends and loved ones to serve as your wedding VIPs.

Image courtesy of photoEDGE.
Image courtesy of photoEDGE.

Number of attendants to choose:

You’ve been to weddings where the wedding party is a never-ending introduction of everyone the bride and groom have known since grade school. The truth is this: you can have as many or as few people as you want in your wedding. And contrary to popular belief, the ratio of bridesmaids to groomsmen (and vice versa) doesn’t have to be equal. But as a general rule of thumb, it might be a good idea to have more guests in the congregation than people standing at the altar.

Friends vs. relatives:

Your first cousin or your college roommate? Your future sister-in-law or your best friend? Deciding between friends and family when choosing your attendants can put couples in an awkward situation. But the decision should be made according to the relationship you have with that person. If you’re closer to your school chum than your cousin, by all means, you should ask your friend to serve as an attendant.

Remember, the wedding party isn’t the only place where family can participate in wedding festivities. You could always ask a cousin or another relative to recite a special poem or scripture reading, usher during the ceremony, or serve as a hostess at the reception.

Click here to find about choosing the best man and maid of honor.

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