Andrea + Rebecca’s Real + Rosy Wedding

In Albuquerque alone, there’s an estimated 5,000 marriage licenses given out every single year. Which, if you’re ever feeling down about the state of the world, is a beautiful statistic to consider. (5,000 couples pledging their love to each other!) But it’s also a little overwhelming. How can we possibly give the attention and recognition that each wonderful marriage deserves?!

Realistically, we can’t. Luckily though, weddings like Andrea + Rebecca’s make us forget about all others. Not because it was a wedding from the royal family or America’s equivalent — the Kardashian’s — but because there’s something distinctly universal about the love that emanates from Andrea + Rebecca.

Maybe it’s the full-bellied laughter that accompanied the misty eyes during their ceremony, or the secret lover’s dance captured by Matt Blasing Photography, or just a combination of all the tiny, exquisite moments from their day. Whatever it may be, Andrea + Rebecca’s wedding calls to mind the memory of a pure, unbridled kind of joyous love.

Though, not everything about their celebration was universal. Sidestepping tradition, Rebecca + Andrea walked down the aisle hand in hand, with Rebecca in a bright red dress that accentuated both brides’ rosy cheeks and Andrea’s tie, of course. {Plus the day took place at the unparalleled venue, Los Poblanos Historic Inn + Organic Farm, which is truly a one-of-a-kind space.}

Somehow, as always, the husband and wife duo that is Matt Blasing Photography managed to capture the couple in all their uniqueness and wholeness. Through their lens we’re able to participate, albeit from a distance, as two distinct individuals come together in a brand-new, unique union, while also recognizing the ubiquitous nature of their love and how it mirrors all the love that came before them.

Thank you, Andrea + Rebecca, and Matt Blasing Photography, for sharing this special day with us so we could, in turn, share it with our lovely readers.

{To book Matt Blasing Photography for your wedding, contact them here!}

MattBlasingPhotography - Reception-1MattBlasingPhotography - The Couple-151Bak & Pepin Wedding - Geting Ready-33Bak & Pepin Wedding - The Couple-33MattBlasingPhotography - Ceremony-107Bak & Pepin Wedding - The Couple-86Bak & Pepin Wedding - Ceremony-123MattBlasingPhotography - Ceremony-113MattBlasingPhotography - Ceremony-126Bak & Pepin Wedding - The Couple-154MattBlasingPhotography - Reception-34MattBlasingPhotography - F&F-4


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3 Days Left: PWG’s Front Cover Contest

Calling all brides + local vendors!

Here at Perfect Wedding Guide, you know that our favorite thing to do is to shake things up + challenge the status quo. {Right behind featuring our local vendors, that is!} But if something works — it works. We had SUCH an incredible turnout for our Front Cover Contest last summer, that we’ve decided to do it again.

Yes, that means you have ANOTHER chance to have your photo/collaboration featured on the front cover of the 11,000 guides we print + distribute in Albuquerque/Santa Fe

{Cue a little happy dance}


This time around, we want to feature an image that is not only ULTRA trendy + BEYOND inspirational for our sweet, sweet readers, but an image that is also unique. And not just in terms of the aesthetic, but unique to our magazine meaning that it has not been published yet. {But don’t worry if/when you win the contest you are free to submit for publishing via
other networks as of March 31, 2018}

Why participate you ask? The winner receives their image printed on 11,000 copies of the Perfect Wedding Guide, distributed amongst 500 locations between Albuquerque & Santa Fe over the next 6 months. And not to mention all the bragging rights and shine that come along with this amazing opportunity are yours for the taking!

Let’s get into the details shall we?



Email your most powerful (exclusive) image from the styled shoot or real wedding that you would like featured on our FRONT COVER (OMG– this is huge guys- just had to reiterate) by Friday, December 29th. Please keep in mind that because the winning image will be our front cover, there are a couple of stipulations. We do maintain the right to pull an image from the contest if:

1.) The image is not high enough resolution or you do not have the original, high resolution image on hand. (feel free to send us the web optimized + high resolution version/s or just the high resolution file and we are happy to resize for you.)

2.) The image/s do not have adequate space to include copy and our logo.

3.) The image/s are not exclusive to this contest and our issue.

4.) You do not have full rights to the image/s submitted.

5.) The image/s do not include proper photo credit.
Include a witty caption and instagram handles for all the participating professionals {if available}. Each professional is allowed to submit up to 4 images for consideration.

The editors of Perfect Wedding Guide will review all images and choose the top 3 submissions that are most inline with our desired aesthetic and the chosen three will be posted consecutively to Instagram, on Monday, January 8th. The image with the most likes on our Instagram account by the following Monday at 10am wins!

If one of your images gets picked as our top three, you’re absolutely welcome to hype up your submission by reposting to your page and instructing your followers to like the post on our page @perfectweddinguidenm…and voilá you are on your way to adorning our front cover with your magic!

Check out last year’s final round of submissions for inspiration! 


Maura Jane Photography


Table Occasions

And from last year’s winner — The Flower Company!


We can’t wait to see what you send us!

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Red: A Storybook Styled Shoot

The first time we saw these photos from magic-maker, Maura Jane Photography, our jaws quite literally dropped. That’s because when we hear the words “winter wedding styled shoot,” we think muted hues, cozy cups of hot chocolate, and maybe a faux fur shawl or two. We were totally unprepared for this striking, fairytale-esque shoot straight from wedding heaven!

(Although, we shouldn’t have been surprised that Maura Jane gave life to such a remarkable concept. She has a way of enchanting everything she photographs.)

From the perfect plum lip to the balanced-yet-wild bouquet, Maura and her dream team of local vendors truly brought their A-game to this sophisticated and invigorating shoot. We’re expecting to see this deep contrast and bold color scheme popping up in winter weddings everywhere this 2018 because, well, how could you not be inspired to do the same?!




Inspired by the beautiful winter weather and the moodiness of the red riding hood fairy tale we decided to put together a winter bridal portrait session with a little bit of a fairy tale twist. Using the deep color of Marsala as opposed to bright red, we wanted to add more mood to the shoot as well as inspire brides getting married in colder months. Protea and berries were added to the bouquet complete with long feathers for something unique.

-Maura Jane, Owner of Maura Jane Photography 





Meet the vendors who made this fairytale possible:

Concept + Photography: Maura Jane Photography | Hair + Makeup: Genica Lee

Gown: Bridal Elegance by Darlene | Floral: The Flower Company 

Model: Jaiden Mazon

Perfect Wedding Guide New Mexico

Lindsay Parks Photography- Promotional Offer


Lindsay Parks has an awesome promotion going on right now where she is offering a free engagement session for you and

your guy when you book your wedding photos

with her!

Some background information Lindsay Parks Neel >

She has been a professional photographer since 2001 working in commercial, event, and photojournalist styles. Her business grew in South Florida to cover events from Miami to the Bahamas and beyond.

Lindsay is especially well known for her casual photojournalist technique. Her images capture genuine and sincere memories and the lives and relationships of family and friends

Check out some of her beautiful images below and if you like what you see, call her today!






Lindsay Parks contact information:

(305) 725-0932

Trash the dress!

Trash the Dress—or TTD—offers a unique opportunity for brides to wear their gowns again, but this time in a less restrictive atmosphere. Since pre-wedding and day of photo sessions are about posed shots taken in pristine environments, Trash the Dress is a more candid experience, allowing couples to let their hair down and flex some serious creative muscle.

If you’re considering a Trash the Dress photo shoot, here are a few tips for creating a memorable experience:

TTD photo sessions are much more informal than pre-wedding shoots. So laugh, play and have fun with each other so that the photographer can capture your energy on camera.

Never trust your TTD photos to an amateur. Find a trained photographer who can carry out your vision and listens to your ideas. But, give them the freedom to scout locations and offer suggestions. They are the professional, after all. Here is a list of photographers that we suggest!

Include “props” like a fantastic pair of flirty heels (for shoots on land) or sparkly jewelry to add a little kitsch to your photos.

It’s OK if you choose to go the DIY route with your hair and makeup—especially if your TTD session takes place in and near (or under) water!

Lastly, if the “final destination” of the dress involves selling it to a consignment shop, donating it to charity or keeping it as a family heirloom, be sure to have the gown professionally cleaned soon after the session. If you do plan to keep your dress, consider having it preserved to help it stay in tip top shape for years to come. The Cleanery in Albuquerque is experienced in preserving wedding dresses.

Here are images of a trash the dress photo session from a local photographer, Kevin’s Photography.

Trash the dress session by Kevin’s Photography
Trash the dress session by Kevin’s Photography
Trash the dress session by Kevin’s Photography
Trash the dress session by Kevin’s Photography
Trash the dress session by Kevin’s Photography
Trash the dress session by Kevin’s Photography

Wedding Photography: How to Scout Locations for Your Wedding Photos

Photo by Triple 8 Photography

While women trying to find a wedding photographer often concentrate on a shutterbug’s background and portfolio, there is another vital component to making sure images from one’s special day come out picture-perfect.

In fact, girls who are searching for creative wedding ideas, and are keen with shooting their photos beforehand, have many different options available to them.

According to, brides-to-be may want to head to an amusement park with their photographer weeks before the main event. “As if the bright colors of the attractions weren’t reason enough, heading to one of these spots unleashes your inner kid,” the news source reports.

Also, another great locale for a wedding shoot is a playground. “There’s something so romantic about a newlywed or about-to-be-wed couple swinging side by side in their formal wear,” according to the news outlet.

Selecting Your Wedding Photography Style

Your wedding day will be over and done in an instant – the flood of emotions, romance and stress, assures that. One lasting reminder of your event will, of course, be your wedding photographs. The key to taking fabulous wedding photos is finding aprofessional photographer who understands the various wedding photography techniques and can offer ideas on the best way to capture amazing images of you and your betrothed. Here, a list of wedding photography techniques to fit any personality.
Photojournalism tells the complete story of a wedding in a fun, candid way. It is one of the most popular photography trends with couples today. By using a hands-off, “fly-on-the-wall” approach, photojournalism captures those unexpected, unplanned actions that transform your wedding album from simple images into a series of heartwarming moments.

Formal Portraiture:
Formal wedding photography techniques have long played a leading role in the wedding industry. Family members were grouped, posed and shot; brides and grooms smiled directly into camera. Formal photography is easier because the photographer is in control. Plus, formal photographs have a classic quality making them less likely to appear dated years down the line.

Aged Photographs:
Sepia-toned pictures are photographs with a light brown tint. This creates a timeless feeling to photographs. In the 1930s and ’40s, photographers tinted black and white photographs to add a bit of color. The same tinting is now added by hand or via computer to create subtle color in such items as the bride’s bouquet. These wedding photography techniques are now able to be applied to any picture, giving you a wide range of choices.

To meet photographers in person, join us at Perfect Wedding Guide’s  1st Annual Santa Fe Bridal Show at Santa Fe Hilton at Buffalo Thunder Resort & Spa. Click here to learn more and to get your advance ticket price.