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Choosing Your Wedding Caterer with Blue Plate Special

With  many catering companies to choose from that all specialize in different types of food for weddings, it is hard to know where to start your search for your ideal caterer for your wedding. The Perfect Wedding Guide received some fantastic words of wisdom and inside information from Blue Plate Special about what questions to ask potential caterers and about 2014 wedding catering trends.

Photo Credit: Blue Plate Special
Photo Credit: Blue Plate Special
Photo Credit: Blue Plate Special
Photo Credit: Blue Plate Special

2014 Wedding Catering Trends According to Blue Plate Special:

“Late night wedding reception snacks as the party continues is a new trend. Couples are providing and planning for additional snacks that might be very simple  such as uniquely flavored popcorn in fun containers or bags or something light and healthy like melon wedges, parfaits or even a cookie bar.”

Photo Credit: Frank Frost Photography
Photo Credit: Frank Frost Photography

“Another trend we see focuses on lighter options rather than a full dinner, appetizers and action stations such as a sushi bar or tapas with bite sized items that keep the menu light yet filling by offering plenty of choices.”

Sushi Stations are predicted to be very popular for 2014 weddings. Photo Credit: Blue Plate Special
Sushi Stations are predicted to be very popular during 2014 weddings. Photo Credit: Blue Plate Special
Photo Credit: Blue Plate Special
Photo Credit: Blue Plate Special

Questions to Ask Your Caterer:

1. How long have you been in business? How much experience does your staff have?

2. How does the cost-per-person of a buffet compare to that of a sit-down dinner?

3. Does that cost-per-person just cover the food, or are charges such as staff, rentals and linens included?

4. Do you work from a health department approved facility? Can I tour it?

5. Do you have insurance?

6. What service costs are included and what costs are additional? Are set-up and clean-up included? How much is overtime if the reception runs long? Are gratuities included?

7. Will you be the person personally handling my wedding on my wedding day? If not, what is the name of the person who will, and when can I meet them?

8. Will you provide food for the photographer, videographer, musicians, and other “day-of” vendors? If so is there an extra charge?

9. Will you provide special meals for any children who attend, and is there a discounted charge for them?

10. Can we see a copy of your standard contract?

11. Can we see pictures of previous events, and speak to former clients for referrals?

About Blue Plate Special:

blue plate special logo

Blue Plate Special is an established catering company in Albuquerque, New Mexico that specializes in creating fully customized unique culinary experiences for their wedding clients.

“Everyone in this business will tell you their food is the best, but at Blue Plate, we believe the full package of food, outstanding service and attention to detail is what sets us apart from the crowd – for example, brides seeking a unique experience for their guests, trust the services of Blue Plate Special.  We believe each couple’s wedding deserves to be a one-of-a-kind; an expression of their individuality, a reflection of their love, and a celebration for your family and friends.

Meeting with our event planners begins the process of establishing rapport, which is so important to feeling confident with your choice of caterer.  We begin with a level of creativity, sensitivity and enthusiasm that is sustained right through your wedding day.  Our planners will ask you a list of very specific questions; based on that discussion; we begin to develop a proposal for your reception that reflects your vision, priorities and budget.  There are no cookie cutter weddings here at Blue Plate Special.  Your own unique combination of factors, such as venue, menu, level of service desired, rental choices and the duration of the event, all come together to determine the style and budget for your wedding reception.” -Vicki Carson, Blue Plate Special

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Wedding Receptions: 10 Ways to Get Your Guests Involved

The best wedding receptions occur when you can feel the love in the room. It’s magical! You step inside the ballroom and all the guests are engaged. Even if they aren’t on the dance floor, they are swaying in their seats. Every bride and groom wants a wedding reception just like that. Here are my secrets to getting your guests involved in your wedding reception

  1. Start on time: Don’t keep your guests waiting. Sitting around at the ceremony or standing at the cocktail hour (especially outdoors in the heat or cold) for an extended amount of time will frustrate your guests. Frustrated guests typically want to eat, drink and leave.
  2. Interact with your guests: Greet as many as you can and thank them for coming. This thoughtful gesture will make each of your guests feel welcome and loved.
  3. Add personal touches to the wedding: Old photographs, personalized place cards and memorable songs from life’s milestones will engage your guests and draw them into the evening’s activities.
  4. Provide conversation starters: If many of your guests don’t know each other, consider having place cards with trivia questions about you and your groom. Questions like “How did Susie and Bob meet?” “Where did Bob propose?” and “Where are Susie and Bob going on their honeymoon?” will get people talking. Be sure to provide answers on the backs of the cards.

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5 Secrets for Choosing a Great Wedding Reception Venue

Choosing a reception venue can be an exciting but overwhelming process. Do you want a ballroom or restaurant, a garden or a museum? Follow these easy steps to make choosing the perfect reception site a breeze.

Determine the number of guests you will be hosting
This will help narrow some locations down by size. You don’t want to squeeze too many people in a tight space, nor would you want too few people in a large space.

Determine how much you can spend on your reception site
Some sites will have rental fees; others will not charge a fee but will charge for your food and beverage. You need to research whether or not the locations you like will fit into your reception budget.

Decide what type of look and feel you want for your wedding
Do you want a formal ballroom or a garden party? If you aren’t sure, don’t be afraid to tour many types of locations.

For more wedding cake tips and ideas, visit PerfectWeddingGuide.com

Wedding Receptions: 10 Ideas to Impress Your Guests

Wedding receptions are becoming more elaborate events with lots of unexpected surprises. If you want to host a wedding reception they won’t soon forget, consider these 10 ideas to impress your guests.

1. Taking Care of Transportation:

Photo by Studio Four

If your wedding ceremony and reception take place at different venues, providing guests with transportation to and from the reception site is a thoughtful gesture. Stretch SUVs, trolleys and party buses are just some of the ways couples are transporting their guests in style. Find transportation services in your area.

2. Fun Photos:

Wedding photo booths have become a staple at modern wedding receptions. Guests will love to jump in and snap silly photos, which can also serve as great additions to the wedding photo album. From a logistical standpoint, having a photo booth on hand can help to pass time before the wedding party makes their entrance.

3. Fantastic First Dance:

Foxtrot not your style? Consider a lively choreographed piece to one of your favorite up tempo dance songs as an option for the first dance. Another way couples are keeping it interesting is by adding members of wedding party to the big performance. This fun and interactive dance segment will sure to get guests ready to party the rest of the night away.

4. Special Dedications:

Many couples use the wedding reception to toast to friends and loved ones. This is a heartfelt way of thanking them in person for their love and support.

5. Luxe Lounges:

For a smaller wedding reception, take a cue from your favorite lounge. Plush couches, oversize pillows, candlelight and cocktails will give off a cool, laid-back vibe at your intimate affair.

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