Ringing in Spring with Ooh! Aah! Jewelry

Yes, we still have a few days before it’s officially spring… but the sun is shining and we’re ready to break out our sundresses! It seems only right that we take a moment now to talk about one of our new favorite, local vendors: Ooh! Aah! Jewelry. Their curated collection of vintage + modern gems is not only perfect for the spring-hearted bride, but for all jewelry-wearers who want one-of-a-kind accessories to compliment their warm weather wardrobe.

{We’re about one second away from spring-cleaning out our jewelry boxes to make room for a dozen of their sterling silver rings, topaz and diamond necklaces, and of course, at least one pair of 14K gold drop-bar earrings.}

Not to mention that for as long as we can remember, there has been a call for unique engagement and wedding rings from engaged couples who want them to reflect their individual style and love story. And for 30 years, Ooh! Aah! Jewelry has been answering that call. Now, I might be biased because their collection is totally aligned with my personal style, but I’m definitely not the only one!

Winning a plethora of awards from local couples and shoppers in general from “Best Casual Jewelry Store in Albuquerque,” “Best Jewelry Store in New Mexico,” to “Best Downtown Retail Store” it’s pretty clear that Albuquerque has a lot of love for Ooh! Aah! Jewelry. So do we! Which is why we’re honored to have them as a vital member of the Perfect Wedding Guide family of local vendors.

So fiancés — this one is for you! Your search for an unrivaled engagement ring, anniversary gift, or wedding band gets to end here. You don’t have to thank us though, just thank Ooh! Aah! Jewelry for working so hard to provide local engaged couples of all styles with jewelry to delight, surprise, and wear forever.






Want more? Check out their collection + contact the shop here!


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The Groom’s Guide to Helping with Wedding Planning

Over the years, the responsibilities of today’s groom have definitely changed. Especially, when it comes to who pays for the wedding. Traditionally, the groom would only pay for his tuxedo, the wedding rings, the officiant and his bride’s bouquet. Other expenses may have included groomsmen’s gifts, corsages for his mother and hers and the honeymoon {or minimoon!}.

Meanwhile, his family would pay for the rehearsal dinner and the bride’s family the rest of the financial burden. But the average cost of today’s wedding has soared, with some estimates placing the cost of the “average” wedding at $20,000 or more. This has led to a change in attitudes among engaged couples and quite frankly, it just isn’t always practical to follow tradition.

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Nowadays, more couples pay for most of their wedding expenses and receive smaller contributions from their families. When families do help, a greater burden tends to fall on the groom’s family. In some cases, the groom’s family handles not only the traditional rehearsal dinner expenses, but they also cover the cost of wedding services including entertainment for the reception, transportation for the wedding party and photography or videography.

For most grooms, it’s no longer an option to show up to the church ready to wed. Although it’s still typical for brides to oversee wedding plans, more and more men dig into their wallets, handle a range of wedding-related responsibilities and make important decisions. After all, it only makes sense to have both of you involved in decisions like:

  • The budget
  • The ceremony and reception venue
  • The size of the guest list and who will be invited
  • The degree of formality for both the ceremony and reception
  • Which stores and specific items should be part of your gift registry
  • Where you will honeymoon and for how long
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Of course, these are just a few of the areas where your involvement could be helpful. You can and should tailor your involvement to match your interests and the needs of your bride. For example, if you’re interested in cars, handle the transportation arrangements. But remember, you have two very important responsibilities at your wedding ceremony that, if handled well, can make all the difference in the world:

  • Work closely with the best man and attendants to keep things moving smoothly, including assuring that guests are properly seated, the wedding rings are there and everyone understands the schedule of events and roles.
  • Collaborate with your vendors before the wedding. Your bride to be can only keep track of so many things! Let her handle the florist, while you straighten out details with the officiant, for example.

You should recognize that, despite the many distractions, you’re there to be married. The day belongs to you two, and mental and emotional preparation is key to its success.

Whatever expanded role you play in planning and holding your wedding, it will be memorable. And yet another reason for her to love you!

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Wedding Rings: How to Choose the Perfect One for You

It may just be a piece of metal – gold, titanium, platinum, tungsten, silver – but a wedding ring with gemstones or diamonds means a great deal more than what it’s worth. Choosing a wedding ring can be a little overwhelming, but with a few tips, any betrothed couple in the middle of wedding planning will find that choosing the perfect ring is easy and fun.

Differences between metals
Before seeking out those fabulous wedding rings, you may first want to be knowledgeable about the different metals – and how they will fit into your budget. Gold rings are determined by color and carat, and the higher the carat, the softer it gets. Silver is perfect for those on a strict budget, but is also a soft metal. Platinum is the most desirable, but is not always affordable.

Even though gold, silver and platinum are popular among both men and women, tungsten and titanium, which are both strong and durable, are growing in popularity for men’s rings.

Tips for men
Some men may have thought they were done with the ring selection, as they already purchased a beautiful engagement ring. However, that is not the case. There are a number of things for husbands-to-be to consider when picking out a wedding ring, including selecting a style that fits their lifestyle.

Before going through the different types of metals and styles, men have to think about what they do for work and what their hobbies are. Those who are mechanics, tradesmen or gardeners, for instance, may want to think about how the ring can affect their work – and which metal may be most appropriate. Also, sports enthusiasts should also take what they play into account, especially if they are planning on wearing their ring while on the field.

How women can find the perfect match
Women already have something to work with when they are choosing their wedding ring, and it is important they match the new band with their engagement ring. Some brides-to-be love the idea of finding a wedding ring that pairs with their engagement ring flawlessly. For example, a princess-cut diamond set in a platinum band would look gorgeous with a platinum diamond eternity band.

However, other ladies may want to opt for gemstone rings, as this can bring a slight, subtle hue to complete the desired look. Also, diamond rings have been very popular to match with engagement rings.

Opt for something unique
Before you say “I do,” think about the event you are planning. Does it follow tradition completely? Are you and your fiance adding your personality into the ceremony and reception? Or are you trying to break free from all wedding mainstays? Answering these questions can better help you decide which ring would be perfect.

For women, finding a unique combination for your wedding ring and engagement ring may be more desirable than the quintessential perfect match. For example, the engagement ring you wear might be beautiful on its own, but a wedding ring with sapphire or ruby stones may give it that extra punch.

Men can go a little outside the box with their design by choosing a ring that is two-toned or has a woven pattern. Those who want to take it a little further can opt for a custom designed titanium ring or select a jigsaw puzzle ring, which is perfect for those who want to stand out.

Finally, no matter what style and metal you choose, make sure it feels right and is comfortable – you will be wearing it for a lifetime!

Popular wedding rings, that last forever

There are many trends that a number of brides and grooms consider when planning a wedding, regardless if they are conscious of their decisions following these trends or not. One of which is wedding rings, as there are a number of different styles and designs that make up these beautiful bands. According to OneWed, there are three wedding ring trends that can make it easier for some couples to decide – engraving, vintage and metal harmony.

Engraving has become increasing popular amongst brides and grooms, as they inscribe a date or a sentimental note onto the band. If a couple wants to do this, they need to be careful of what metal to use, as white gold will fade the message over time, but platinum will keep it up. Also, people have started to incorporate old family heirlooms into their rings. Metal harmony is another trend that allows the rings to look similar to represent their bond.

Grooms may not want any diamonds on their wedding bands – one option for them are tungsten wedding bands. These rings do not have the classic diamond as many expect but rather a small black diamond that is both simple and still showcases great quality in a ring.

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