Love in the Mountains: A Real Wedding with Coryn Kiefer Photography

Love in the Mountains: A Real Wedding with Coryn Kiefer Photography

From the get go David and I both talked about not stressing out about the minor things and always keeping in mind that planning a wedding shouldn’t be a stressful experience.- Alexis, Bride Girl, we couldn't agree more. Wedding planning is supposed to be a blast, and with the help of our local wedding vendors, [...]

The Most Blissful Bed+Breakfast: Hacienda Vargas

There's a new theme emerging among all the incredible weddings of the world, especially here in New Mexico... Have you noticed it yet, brides and wedding lovers? We've taken note, from our little perch between local wedding professionals and engaged couples, that brides and grooms are putting more and more emphasis on the cultural and [...]

Wedding Rings: How to Choose the Perfect One for You

It may just be a piece of metal – gold, titanium, platinum, tungsten, silver – but a wedding ring with gemstones or diamonds means a great deal more than what it’s worth. Choosing a wedding ring can be a little overwhelming, but with a few tips, any betrothed couple in the middle of wedding planning will find [...]

History of wedding cake traditions

Wedding cakes are a staple at many nuptials, and after a couple says "I do," these desserts are a fixture of the reception. Some may wonder where these traditions came from The Daily Herald recently shed some light on the subject. Dessert cakes have been served at weddings since the 1600s, but it wasn't until [...]

Weddings can get pricey, leaving some traditions left out

There are several reality shows on T.V. that highlights all of the stresses that can go into wedding planning, including how pricey some of these nuptials can be. According to The Star, some of these shows have left brides uncertain of what they wanted due to high prices. Some traditions are being left out, for [...]

Roles are changing in the wedding party

It seems as though a number of couples are choosing to forgo tradition in favor of what they really want. For example, some women are serving as best man and vice versa. This is so those who are near and dear to the happy couple will be involved in the ceremony no matter what roles [...]