Love in the Mountains: A Real Wedding with Coryn Kiefer Photography

From the get go David and I both talked about not stressing out about the minor things and always keeping in mind that planning a wedding shouldn’t be a stressful experience.

– Alexis, Bride

Girl, we couldn’t agree more. Wedding planning is supposed to be a blast, and with the help of our local wedding vendors, it can be a breeze, too. At Perfect Wedding Guide, our mission is to foster the connection between engaged couples and the local wedding community… all for the love. We want you to know that your love story is in good hands with the help of local wedding professionals who are passionate and overflowing with talent.

A wedding is an incredibly special moment in everyone’s lives, whether you’re the bride, the groom, or simply family and friends of the couple. This is why we think that you deserve to laugh and play a little before (and on) the big day, not just your guests. For Alexis and David, having fun was number one on the list of to-dos. From unconventional wedding traditions, like having flower men instead of little flower girls, to specially made socks with pictures of their dog’s face on them, their wedding day was filled to the brim with AWESOME.

Alexis and David chose to have their wedding at Nature Pointe in Tijeras, the perfect place for a breathtaking, New Mexican wedding. Not to mention, the couple wanted to find a venue that offered a scenic mountain environment that wasn’t too far from the city, and Nature Pointe was able to provide that and so much more.

If there is a way to capture the essence of elegance, fun, and pure joy, Coryn Kiefer Photography holds the key. She managed to capture the fun, loving spirits of the couple with such grace through her light and airy photographs. We can’t get over the way that Coryn took the small moments and turned them into dreamscapes that any bride and groom would adore, and this is why we know you will love them too!

Photographer: Coryn Kiefer Photography
Venue: Nature Pointe Weddings + Events
Flowers: Desert Flower Co.
Cake: Sweet Grace Cake Co.
Hair: Hair by Shirley
Ceremony + Cockatil Hour Music: Cello for Weddings
DJ: Gabriel Ortega
Catering: Chello Grill

The Most Blissful Bed+Breakfast: Hacienda Vargas

There’s a new theme emerging among all the incredible weddings of the world, especially here in New Mexico… Have you noticed it yet, brides and wedding lovers?

We’ve taken note, from our little perch between local wedding professionals and engaged couples, that brides and grooms are putting more and more emphasis on the cultural and historical beauty of their hometowns and states when planning their wedding. And we are so here for it!

So here’s a tip: Hacienda Vargas is the perfect wedding venue for engaged couples who are looking to incorporate some of New Mexico’s rich culture and history into their celebration. With traditional adobe structure to reflect New Mexico’s famous sunsets, walls covered in authentic local art, and vast, pristine land surrounding the inn, Hacienda Vargas emanates all the things that make our state so wonderful. Plus, The Land of Enchantment, aptly named, has enraptured so many of its inhabitants, it only makes sense to draw from the vibrant colors and unique history for some wedding inspo!

Tucked just between Albuquerque and Santa Fe, the historical bed + breakfast has been welcoming weary travelers and locals in need of relaxation since the 17th century. Yes, you read that right! For four centuries, Hacienda Vargas has dazzled every guest who passes through with the inn’s traditional architecture, and the owner’s — Cynthia and Richard — delicious, homemade breakfast.

Wrapped in a familiar sort of comfort, the bed and breakfast invites engaged couples to an intimate, yet rural, space to celebrate their union. Hacienda Vargas is happy to hold up to 150 of you and your partner’s loved ones. So whether you two are looking for a small elopement or you’re planning to invite everyone you hold dear, the inn is here with open doors.

To book Hacienda Vargas for your wedding here in New Mexico, contact their team here!

In the meantime, come gawk at this gorgeous wedding at Hacienda Vargas that we still can’t get over! candlelight vows bride groom couple wedding planning bridal gown updo suit tux indoor ceremony traditional New Mexico southwestern sweetheart neckline strapless rose cathedral love romantic perfect wedding guide

detail wedding photography sentimental celebration New Mexico planning wedding bridal bride groom greenery decor outdoor ceremony vows venue officiant

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outdoor photography couple wedding fall autumn golden hour wedding planning New Mexico Santa Fe Perfect Wedding Guide gown lace sequin beading suit tux bowtie romantic outdoor natural light
Photos by Britianie Tyler Photography.

More on the wedding featured above here!

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Wedding Rings: How to Choose the Perfect One for You

It may just be a piece of metal – gold, titanium, platinum, tungsten, silver – but a wedding ring with gemstones or diamonds means a great deal more than what it’s worth. Choosing a wedding ring can be a little overwhelming, but with a few tips, any betrothed couple in the middle of wedding planning will find that choosing the perfect ring is easy and fun.

Differences between metals
Before seeking out those fabulous wedding rings, you may first want to be knowledgeable about the different metals – and how they will fit into your budget. Gold rings are determined by color and carat, and the higher the carat, the softer it gets. Silver is perfect for those on a strict budget, but is also a soft metal. Platinum is the most desirable, but is not always affordable.

Even though gold, silver and platinum are popular among both men and women, tungsten and titanium, which are both strong and durable, are growing in popularity for men’s rings.

Tips for men
Some men may have thought they were done with the ring selection, as they already purchased a beautiful engagement ring. However, that is not the case. There are a number of things for husbands-to-be to consider when picking out a wedding ring, including selecting a style that fits their lifestyle.

Before going through the different types of metals and styles, men have to think about what they do for work and what their hobbies are. Those who are mechanics, tradesmen or gardeners, for instance, may want to think about how the ring can affect their work – and which metal may be most appropriate. Also, sports enthusiasts should also take what they play into account, especially if they are planning on wearing their ring while on the field.

How women can find the perfect match
Women already have something to work with when they are choosing their wedding ring, and it is important they match the new band with their engagement ring. Some brides-to-be love the idea of finding a wedding ring that pairs with their engagement ring flawlessly. For example, a princess-cut diamond set in a platinum band would look gorgeous with a platinum diamond eternity band.

However, other ladies may want to opt for gemstone rings, as this can bring a slight, subtle hue to complete the desired look. Also, diamond rings have been very popular to match with engagement rings.

Opt for something unique
Before you say “I do,” think about the event you are planning. Does it follow tradition completely? Are you and your fiance adding your personality into the ceremony and reception? Or are you trying to break free from all wedding mainstays? Answering these questions can better help you decide which ring would be perfect.

For women, finding a unique combination for your wedding ring and engagement ring may be more desirable than the quintessential perfect match. For example, the engagement ring you wear might be beautiful on its own, but a wedding ring with sapphire or ruby stones may give it that extra punch.

Men can go a little outside the box with their design by choosing a ring that is two-toned or has a woven pattern. Those who want to take it a little further can opt for a custom designed titanium ring or select a jigsaw puzzle ring, which is perfect for those who want to stand out.

Finally, no matter what style and metal you choose, make sure it feels right and is comfortable – you will be wearing it for a lifetime!

History of wedding cake traditions

Wedding cakes are a staple at many nuptials, and after a couple says “I do,” these desserts are a fixture of the reception. Some may wonder where these traditions came from The Daily Herald recently shed some light on the subject.

Dessert cakes have been served at weddings since the 1600s, but it wasn’t until the 1800s that the wedding cake became fashionable, the news source reports. The bride and groom topper that many associate with wedding cakes actually didn’t appear until the 20th century.

Even though many of these traditions are still used, a number of couples have opted to personalize their wedding planning rather than go with the social norm – and this includes desserts. In fact, some are opting for other treats rather than a cake. According to The Huffington Post, brides- and grooms-to-be are choosing to feature a dessert table with an array of sweets with a smaller cake to continue the tradition of cutting the cake. Some couples are even setting up a make-your-own-dessert table and having their guests create the perfect sweet.

Weddings can get pricey, leaving some traditions left out

There are several reality shows on T.V. that highlights all of the stresses that can go into wedding planning, including how pricey some of these nuptials can be. According to The Star, some of these shows have left brides uncertain of what they wanted due to high prices.

Some traditions are being left out, for example cutting the cake in front of all of the wedding guests, because the cake cost has been too expensive, and some aren’t even having a cake at all, the news source reports.

According to the Lower Gynedd-Ambler-Whitpain, some individuals are going right back to historical traditions to weddings including getting married on a new moon, which symbolizes new beginnings.

However, at the end of the day for many brides- and grooms-to-be, some of the traditions can be left out. Cutting that very expensive cake in front of everyone does not seem like such a big deal for some, and there may be other traditions that can be incorporated into a ceremony where others are unimportant.

Roles are changing in the wedding party

It seems as though a number of couples are choosing to forgo tradition in favor of what they really want. For example, some women are serving as best man and vice versa. This is so those who are near and dear to the happy couple will be involved in the ceremony no matter what roles need to be changed.

According to The New York Times, roles are changing significantly within the bridal party, even coming down to men serving as the flower girl. Jen Fernando noted that she wanted her close friend Sean Hopkins to be a part of her wedding party. As a way to demonstrate how their relationship is, Fernando decided to make him the “flower fella.”

“She thought it was the perfect way to represent our friendship because it was totally our sense of humor,” Hopkins told the news provider. “When it had to be approved by the priest, I thought that would be it, but he was tickled by the idea.”

According to Martha Stewart Weddings, it’s important to decide who will be in the bridal party early on so they can prepare for the honor.

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