She’s Making a List, and Checking It Twice

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Perfect Wedding Guide’s Perfect Planning Tools

You said, “I do,” now what? With all the hustle and bustle of everyday life, planning a wedding can be overwhelming — especially during the holidays. But we’re here to help! All you newly engaged and soon to be engaged brides can relax.

In case you didn’t know, Perfect Wedding Guide has free planning tools just for you! It’s fun, easy to use and takes all the guess work out of planning your perfect day.

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You can create a wedding budget, plan your seating chart, keep track of your guests, and even create a website. Did I mention it’s all free!? Best of all, you’ll have all the top, local wedding professionals at your fingertips!

Here’s a list we compiled, highlighting some of the tools available for you:

  1. Guest List – perfect for keeping track of all your guests and their RSVP’s.
  2. Seating Chart – giving you a clear picture of your reception layout.
  3. Checklist – to stay on top of all the details and to-dos.
  4. Budget Calculator – to help you keep your funds in check.
  5. Bookmarks – to track vendors, wedding songs and more.
  6. Inspiration Boards – to keep all your ideas in one place.
  7. Website – perfect for keeping your guests in the know and showing off your big day!

And FYI, a honeymoon planner and calendar will soon be added to this list of wedding planning tools!

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To start planning your wedding, just go to the Perfect Wedding Guide website and click on the “Tools” tab, or click here.

Once there, simply create an account and you’re in!

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